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Jewelry designer Naho Okamoto was inspired to create her own brand because of her metal allergies.



The comfort of a country where many cultures are mixed

Celeina: Ms.Okamoto selected the song “99 Luftballons” by Nena.

Takano: When I heard the song, I thought “This is it!” It’s catchy and nice.

Celeina: It is impressive. Ms.Okamoto, do you live in an area of Switzerland where German is spoken?

Okamoto:Yes, I do. Switzerland has four official languages, and I live in an area where German is the main language, with a little bit of French. There are also Italian and Romansh, four languages that are said to be disappearing languages that are a mixture of German and Italian. So the description on the product package is written in at least three languages.

Celeina:I have a question. In Switzerland, is it difficult to communicate in English, which you studied in England?

Okamoto:No. Even elderly people can understand me, so it seems that everyone can speak at least three languages (two languages plus English).

Takano: That’s pretty impressive.

Celeina: It’s amazing.

Okamoto: When I am in Switzerland, I feel that I need to study French a little more. If you are in a German-speaking country, German culture is strong, and if you are in a French-speaking country, French culture is strong, so there is a mix of many different cultures, and it feels good not to be in one place.

Celeina:It’s an environment where you can come into contact with many different things, rather than having one fixed thing.

Okamoto:It is very neutral. Politically, it is a neutral country, but it is also very neutral in terms of culture, and I like the sense of transparency.

Celeina:I like that. Japan is an island nation, so there is quite a difference from Switzerland.

Okamoto:Japan has one language and a diverse culture, but it is based on the basic Japanese culture. Switzerland is totally different and there is no conflict. Switzerland is a country that was created from a disjointed state to begin with.



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