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Why Kanayan and Seigi of “Boshimax” teamed up to become comedians from the Keio baseball team.



A circle of friends connected by goo touchi! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On October 5, Kanayan and Seigi from the comedy duo “Boshimax” appeared, introduced by YouTuber Kaito Ogawa. We asked them about their memories of when they were high school ball players, how Kanayan’s old school, Keio High School, won the summer Koshien championship, and how they decided to go into comedy.

Kana-yan, a certain record holder in the Tokyo Six University Baseball League

Takano (MC): Congratulations to the two members of Boshimax for making it through to the first round of “M-1”.

Kanayan:Thank you very much. The schedule for the second round has just been uploaded, and I am very excited. Nice to meet you.

Seigi: I’m a combination of various nerves, but I’ll do my best to enjoy myself today. Nice to meet you.

Celeina (MC): The two members of Bosimax are from the Keio baseball team, aren’t they? Seigi-san participated in the Koshien (the Japanese National High School Baseball Championship) when you were in high school.

Seigi: I played in Koshien when I was a sophomore in high school. I was from Shizuoka High School, and at that time I played in the first game on the second day. The third game was at Hanamaki-Higashi High School, and he was the famous Daiki Obara.

Kanayan:No, no, no, Hanamaki-Higashi is Shohei Otani, the second left-handed pitcher.

Seigi: Oh, I see, Shohei Otani.

Takano: The manzai has begun, hasn’t it?

Seigi:Shohei Otani and I were at the same opening ceremony. When I saw his body there, I thought he was going to be a big name in the future, and he has become a big name.

Kanayan: It’s been a hot topic since then. It wasn’t because he caught your eye that it sold.

Takano: It has a groovy feel. I heard that both of you were pitchers.

Kanayan: I was a right-handed pitcher and hit 143km.

Seigi: I was 144km.

Takano: That’s amazing.

Seigi: Kana-yan holds the record in a university league called the Tokyo 6 University Baseball League. It hasn’t been broken yet, right?

Kanayan: I still hold the record.

Takano: What kind of record is it?

Kanayan: This is the record for the most goals conceded after the war.

Takano: Really?

Seigi: Keio lost 18-0, a historic defeat.

Takano: It was a sad record.



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