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Mountain-side culture created by Teruyuki Hikiji, producer of “Yama no Ie



A circle of friends connected by gut touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On August 7, we will be joined by Teruyuki Hikiji, story creator of Mountain States Tokyo and producer of TAKAO MOUTAIN HOUSE, a mountain house at the foot of Mount Takao. We asked him about his motivation for focusing on Japan’s mountains and the appeal of mountains.

Transmitting mountain-side culture

Celeina (MC): First of all, let me introduce my profile. She is currently working to create a new value for the mountainside, aiming to make the mountainside a part of Shonan. This year, he was appointed as the brand manager of PARKS PROJECT JAPAN, and is also focusing on the protection of national parks.

Takano (MC): What do you mean by “Shonanization of the mountain side”?

Hikiji: This is an analogy I use when I tell people, but when I say Shonan or “let’s go to the beach,” 90% of people do not mean to go in the ocean.

Celeina: I understand a little when you say it.

Hikiji: In fact, the ocean has a very high location value, and I think the culture of spending time there is deeply rooted. However, I believe that 90% of the people who say, “Let’s go to the mountains,” are doing so for the purpose of climbing mountains.

Takano: There aren’t many places where you can listen to music and drink while looking at the mountains.

Hikiji: That’s right. Conversely, if you don’t climb mountains, you don’t go. I hope that there is a space on the mountain side where the culture and lifestyle of Shonan and the ocean side can be born.

Takano: This is a perspective I had not noticed before. What is it that you are actually doing?

Hikiji: At first, there was art such as photography, which is often found on the ocean side, in the sense of looking at the location. So, as a start, we started “making art on the mountain side.

Takano: Art on the mountain side?

Hikiji: The first project I started was to display mountain-side scenery as art in rooms and stores.

Celeina: Now that you mention it, mountains have not only soil and greenery, but also flowers and water elements such as rivers, so they have various colors.

Hikiji: That’s right. I think that when you decorate it, you can enjoy it as if you are looking out the window.



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