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Mountain-side culture created by Teruyuki Hikiji, producer of “Yama no Ie



A mountain house, not a beach house

Celeina: What was it that attracted you to mountains?

Hikichi:I started out working for a company called GREENROOM, doing various activities on the ocean side, but I originally loved nature, and when I quit GREENROOM and came to the mountain side, I felt a gap, so I thought it would be interesting if the mountain side was opened up like the ocean side.

Celeina: And you created a “mountain house” instead of a beach house.

Hikiji: When I went to the ocean, there were beach houses, but there were no mountain houses on the mountain side. There are mountain huts, though.

Takano: They are different in function, aren’t they?

Hikiji: Yes, that’s right. So I wondered if I could create a place where people could enjoy the mountains more and communicate with each other, so I produced and opened Takao Mountain House last October at the foot of Mt.

Takano: By coincidence, I am going to climb Mt. Takao this weekend. I have no choice but to go there now.

Hikiji: It is right in front of the trailhead, just outside of Takaoyamaguchi Station, so please come visit us.

Takano: What kind of things does the TAKAO MOUTAIN HOUSE have to offer?

Hikiji: : We have an outdoor brand Salomon’s store, a deck terrace, and a cafe stand.

Celeina: You can even enjoy a cup of coffee.

Takano: I want to stop by both before and after the climb.

Hikiji: The concept is to have a cup of hand-drip coffee before climbing Mt. Takao, then have a craft beer on the way back and take the train home.

Celeina: Isn’t that the best course? It’s very fulfilling. I don’t go to the mountains much, so I don’t know, but is it hot this time of year?

Hikiji: Mt. Takao is only 599 meters above sea level, so it is hot, but there are some routes that are cooler, such as one with a stream running through it.

Celeina: I see, that sounds great!

Hikiji: Actually, Mt. Takao has the highest number of climbers in the world.

Takano/Celeina: Is that so?

Celeina: Why are there so many people?

Hikiji: Because you can get to the trailhead in 5 minutes after exiting the ticket gate, and it only takes about an hour from Shinjuku Station. I don’t think you can find such a mountain anywhere in the world. Please visit the mountain.



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