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Eisuke Shirota, the director of Chainsaw Man’s manga-esque trailer that saw a global buzz, shares his thoughts on ads 



Ads are the best creative to enjoy for free

Takano: Shiro-chan, you said you wanted to use this radio opportunity to say something.

Shirota: It’s not such a big deal, but it’s like I’m here to do advertising for advertising. He said that advertising, especially TV commercials, are the finest creativity that can be seen for free, and the quality, ideas, and budget per second are by far the highest per second compared to other visual media, movies and dramas, of which there are many.

Takano: This is true.

Shirota: Of course, commercials with flawless visual beauty are great, but if you think about it, there are also commercials that are a bit strange, that make you wonder what they are doing so seriously. I think that kind of diversity is the beauty of advertising. What I particularly like is that, as part of the culture that comes from advertising, commercial songs and catchphrases that we hum in our daily lives enrich our lives. It is not so grandiose to say that I sympathize with the message or that it has changed my life, but I feel that it is a noble human activity to have melodies and catchphrases that are known by people of all ages and genders, regardless of region or age.

Celeina: As an adult, when I sing a commercial song from those days, it warms my heart when we all resonate with each other.

Takano: It’s amazing that they are still around.

Shirota: I think it is precisely because it is something trivial that we can feel a great sense of connection, and I think it makes us quite happy. I fundamentally believe that advertisements are a sound mechanism for delivering a product that someone else has created and is proud of to a large number of people. Life is richer if you enjoy it, including the silliness, without treating it too harshly, and as a creator, I would like to make advertisements that make people feel that way.

Takano: I am also an ad creator in a roundabout way, but you said it all. I really appreciate your ads, everyone.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends connected by goof touch, and you introduce your friends to us.

Shirota: He is Taiichi Hiramoto, a designer at Shigesato Itoi’s company “Hobonichi”. Hobonichi is a company that creates web media, develops products, and creates various other things that add color to our lives. Taiichi was in charge of designing a wonderful product called “Hobonichi’s Earth Ball,” which, when you hold your smartphone up to a globe, a three-dimensional AR display shows you how big this country is and what it produces. We have been classmates since college, so we have known each other for about 15 years. We got our driver’s licenses together, and there was a time when we stayed at the same house.

Takano: In a word?

Shirota: When I stayed over, he would pour sugar on my bread and serve it to me.

Takano: I don’t know what that means (haha). I will check tomorrow. Tomorrow I will connect you to the designer, Taiichi Hiramoto.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” today was Eisuke Shirota, the video director. Thank you very much.

Shirota: Thank you very much.


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