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Influencer “5sai” on Twitter today and what makes it buzz



A circle of friends connected by goofy touch! The radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features “FIST BUMP” in which people who live and enjoy Tokyo appear in a relay format. We spoke with him about the current Twitter situation and what makes a buzz on social networking sites.

What I want to say to the overly angry Twitter people

Celeina (MC): First of all, let me introduce your profile. This name is “5sai,” but every time the Twitter account you were doing behind your wife’s back was exposed, the name of the account changed from “horrible wife,” “horrible child,” “horrible wife,” to “back wife,” and finally the name was changed to “5sai” of your age as a play on words of “back wife”. That’s how it happened, and he now spends his days and nights tweeting and watching over his Twitter account while running an online salon and other businesses.

5sai: Hello, I am 5sai. I know I should just quit if I’m this exposed, but I really like Twitter so much that I couldn’t quit and was exposed seven times (haha). In the end, I decided to give it up and use Twitter as an official account approved by my wife.

Takano (MC): Actually, I used to know him. We have worked together at various events. How did you get started with Twitter in the first place?

5sai: I used to love going out drinking and talking with people, but after I got married, I became more of a family man and had no place to talk even though I wanted to. So I started tweeting about my daily life on Twitter, and it started getting a lot of buzz.

Takano: You started with such a simple reason, and now you have 105,000 followers. Do you think it is easy to get buzz with family stories?

5sai: It just happened to be a family story for me, but I’m sure there must be something interesting, even if it’s small, happening every day in everyone’s environment. If you do it from that perspective, I think anyone can enjoy Twitter.

Celeina: I see.You have been on Twitter for 12 years…has Twitter changed over the past decade or so?

5sai: Lately, I especially think that people on Twitter are too angry.I don’t have any nostalgia for the old days, but nowadays, everyone is angry or flaming, and I feel very uncomfortable.

Takano: I wonder what can be done to make it better.

5sai: I think everyone is unaware that they are angry, and I think they get angry without realizing it. The truth is, most things are forgotten after a night, and I think there is often no need to get angry. I want to call out to all Twitter users on this radio: “You’re angry, but are you really angry?”

Celeina: That’s a power word. “You’re angry, but are you really angry?”

5sai: It’s like anger is entertainment. People have always liked the talk show, but it’s like we’re all doing a talk show on Twitter. If a high school student does something stupid, there’s an atmosphere of flaming and punishment, but then it’s like, “You’re so angry, but are you serious?” I came here today to tell you that I want everyone to think back on that.

Takano: This really makes me think. On the other hand, what kind of positive tweets do you see?

5sai: Positive ones?

Takano: Like cats?

5sai: It’s going to be cats, isn’t it? I think Twitter is going back to its roots, and I think there is a big trend. I have a hope that at that time, Twitter will come back to a more upbeat tone, where people will stop being angry. I’m waiting for that.

Celeina: They say that trends go around.

5sai: I am sure they are not mad all the time. I think there are times when people are socially angry and times when they are not, like a big swell in a big wave of the times.

Takano: It’s like anger has become a trend.

5sai: That’s exactly what I mean. I think anger has become a trend.

Celeina: By the way, is there anything you keep in mind when you tweet?

5sai I am very careful to make sure that I am not hurting anyone or making them feel uncomfortable. But I think everyone is overly cautious, thinking “If I do this, I might get flamed” or “I have to be considerate about this,” and they can’t tweet anything at all. I think that if you are too careful, you will not be able to tweet much, and you will have no choice but to tweet more about your cat. I don’t mind if that’s the case.



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