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Talking with DUFDUF Fuyuko, mental health, aiko, Sigur Rós



A circle of friends connected by gootouch! In the “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE,” people who live and enjoy Tokyo appear in a relay format, and on March 29 we have Fuyuko, an artist recommended by Nanako Irie. We talked to her about her music, including her band “DUFDUF,” as well as her activities on the theme of mental health.

Happiness Warrior Fuyuko’s roots are influenced by Sigur Rós and aiko

Takano (MC): Yesterday’s guest, Irienanako, recommended the artist Fuyuko. Irienanako-san said that she is a “warrior of happiness”.

Fuyuko: I am so afraid (laughs).

Takano: I would like to ask you about your side as an artist today.

Fuyuko: I have loved singing since I was a child, but it was aiko’s song “Andromeda” that gave me the chance to realize that I could make music and sing by myself. It was the first time I bought a CD by myself, and that was when I started singing and writing poems.

Takano: Fuyuko-san is also the vocalist of the alternative pop band DUFDUF, but there was something about her that reminded me of aiko. The melody is unpredictable, and the chords are not the most royal of places.

Fuyuko: I think aiko writes lyrics first and then adds melody to them. I am currently studying jazz, and I think that the way jazz chords are added and the way songs are sung actually have an affinity with aiko’s style. If that kind of feeling is reflected in my music, I am very happy.

Takano: And also Sigur Rós.

Fuyuko: I love Sigur Rós already! I was 20 years old when I first met Sigur Rós, and I thought, “How could I be so happy? I was really moved by it.

Fuyuko: I was in Germany when I was in high school, and the way of pursuing happiness was totally different from Japan! So, I feel that joy and happiness are the base of my works.




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