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ROMY on her solo debut album cemented by the club culture that saved her



The hottest DJs/producers on her list

– Can you tell us about some DJs and producers in the UK you’d recommend?

ROMY: There are so many exciting DJs and producers. My friend HAAi, India Jordan, and ANZ are great DJs. There is a lot of new talent coming out in London, so it’s fun to check it out.

– Lastly, you joined Bicep’s arena tour in April. They have been getting audiences going with their slower-paced songs. What was it like to perform there?

ROMY: It was in a basketball arena in Greece. It was amazing because normally, those spaces would feel more like a corporate place. But because it was in Greece, everyone including the security were very relaxed. People were smoking inside and it felt like a proper party. It was an unusual combination of vibes. I felt excited to have the opportunity to know BICEF. I played a lot of trance and realised I was playing a lot faster than what they played [laughs]. But I had a great time there. It was fascinating to see when BICEF played because it was slower but the whole arena was like hands in the air. It was amazing to see their music travel to Greece to sell out an arena in Greece.

– I feel that Bicep’s music has the same emotions that trance music of the 1990s expressed but reformulated into today’s style, and I could feel the same thing from your album. I think that is the solid message that clubs and parties always have.

ROMY: Thank you, I agree. I hope everyone enjoys dancing with this album.

ROMY “Mid Air”

Released on September 8, 2023

  1. Loveher
  2. Weightless
  3. The Sea
  4. One Last Try
  5. DMC
  6. Strong ft.
  7. Twice
  8. Did I
  9. Mid Air ft.
  10. Enjoy Your Life
  11. She’s on My Mind
  12. Lifetime(Bonus Track For Japan )

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