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Fashion Stylist / Shop Director Shohei Higashi talks about the fun of unfashion



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On May 31, fashion stylist/shop director Shohei Higashi was introduced by “TEN CLUB” owner Takeshi Shimizu. Shohei Azuma, fashion stylist/shop director, will appear on the show. After working as a popular store staff at “BEAMS HARAJUKU”, Mr. Azuma has been involved in a wide range of activities. We asked him about how he became a stylist, how he opened “deer nakameguro” while working as a stylist, his recent fashion obsessions, and other topics.

Offered by her stylist mentor to become an assistant

Celeina (MC): Azuma-san, I saw in your profile that you were a popular store staff at “BEAMS HARAJUKU”. Did you have any experience in selling things before you joined BEAMS?

Higashi: Yes, I did. I worked part-time at UNIQLO when I first came to Tokyo. After that, I worked at a vintage clothing store, and then at BEAMS.

Takano (MC): Were you originally interested in the apparel business?

Higashi: Yes, I was. But after I came to Tokyo, I was really into it.

Takano: I’m still fashionable today. I don’t mean to be rude to your stylist when I say fashionable.

Higashi: Thank you very much. I’ll take precautions (laughs).

Celeina: What made you decide to become a stylist after working on the staff of Beams?

Higashi: I was actually asked by my stylist mentor to be his assistant. I didn’t have a strong desire to be a stylist at all.

Celeina: So you were close with your mentor, or you had a relationship with him?

Higashi: Yes, I did.

Celeina: Do you normally accept an offer to be an apprentice? You must have seen a lot of talent in him.

Higashi: No, I think the timing was probably good.

Takano: I heard that your apprenticeship was about one year.

Higashi: One year. I think it was early.

Takano: And then you started your own business.

Higashi: Yes.



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