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Why Takeshi Shimizu, who cannot drink alcohol, runs the bar “TEN CLUB



TEN CLUB’s unique events and customers

Celeina: I looked at your Instagram, and there are so many cool flyers. Is this an event that you are organizing?

Shimizu: Yes, they are. I have a lot of events, and I also hold events at TEN CLUB, but recently, thankfully, I’ve been getting requests for business trips where I’m just invited to participate.

Takano: If you connect with various people, you will be asked to participate in various places.

Shimizu: That’s right.

Celeina: What kind of event is this?

Shimizu: We have music events, and I used to work in apparel, so we have a lot of apparel events, and also food events. But we do all kinds of things.

Celeina: Sounds fun. I’m sure I’ll make friends just by going there. By the way, what kind of customers do you have at TEN CLUB?

Shimizu: There are many people who come to TEN CLUB, but the staff is different from myself, so everyone is different. It depends on them what kind of customers we get. In my case, there are a lot of apparel customers. I also have a lot of creators and business owners who are working hard on their own, so I am always inspired by them.

Takano: Shimizu-san, do you have any tips on how to have fun when talking with customers without drinking a drop of alcohol?

Shimizu: When the other person is happy, I am happy too. So, I follow them, or rather, I overtake them.

Takano: That’s good. The character changes depending on the situation.

Celeina: That’s a strength.

Shimizu: Yes, it is.

Takano: Now, I asked Shimizu-san to choose a song that he would like everyone to listen to together on the radio at this time.

Shimizu: Electric Feel” by MGMT. I personally like to listen to this song at music festivals in the summer, but yesterday (May 29), my Instagram Stories were hijacked as if I lost my friends in Tokyo because they were all going to “Greenroom Festival” or “Morimichi Market. So I was listening to this song yesterday.

Celeina: So you were at the festival by yourself.

Shimizu: I was lonely too (laughs). It feels like summer, doesn’t it?

Takano: Did you feel it? Let’s listen to the song.

The name TEN CLUB comes from Street Fighter: ……

Celeina: Now that we are feeling the summer, I was wondering about the origin of the name TEN CLUB that you mentioned earlier. The logo on your Instagram is “TEN” for “Heaven”, isn’t it?

Takano: Is this logo a kind of BOREDOMS homage?

Shimizu: Yes, it is.

Takano: It shows that you know a lot about music.

Celeina: Is there an origin of the name TEN CLUB?

Shimizu: When we first opened, we were just trying to be cool and saying that it had a meaning in Buddhist terms, but recently people have started to notice (laughs). (Laughs) My personality is pretty jokey. In Street Fighter, there is a character named “Gouki” who has a move called “Shunkoku-kill,” and at the end of the move, “Ten” comes out with a bang.

Takano: Is that the origin?

Shimizu: Yes, it is (laughs).

Takano: Very unexpected. But it’s cool.

Celeina: By the way, do you have any events coming up in the near future at TEN CLUB?

Shimizu: There are two days, June 10 and 11, and we will be at Ten Club on the 10th. On the second day, we will have a joint event with five companies at a silk screen store called Asahiya in Sangenjaya, which is a good friend of ours. On the second day, five companies joined forces at a silk-screening shop called Asahiya in Sangenjaya, which is a good friend of ours. The silkscreening is also very interesting.

Takano: I like the fact that it has various elements, such as apparel and food.

Shimizu: Yes, it’s a mixture. That’s what makes TEN CLUB so unique.

Celeina: Can we or listeners who don’t usually go to TEN CLUB suddenly go to this event?

Shimizu: Of course. We are very happy.

Celeina: Thank you very much. Now, “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends connected by Goo-Touch, so we are asking you to introduce your friends to us.

Shimizu: This is Shohei Higashi, a fashion stylist.

Takano: Is he like a business associate?

Shimizu: We don’t work together, but we were just talking the other day about what we want to do in the future.

Celeina: If you had to sum it up in one word, how would you describe it?

Shimizu: He has a mysterious charm that attracts people, and he is also lucky and multi-talented. He does a lot of different things, and I think that’s probably what leads him to his work.

Takano: It seems to bring him luck.

Shimizu: That’s right.

Takano: Thank you very much. Tomorrow, we will connect with fashion stylist Shohei Azuma.

Celeina: FIST BUMP: Today’s guest is Takeshi Shimizu, owner of TEN CLUB, a standing bar in Koenji, Tokyo. Thank you very much.

Shimizu: Thank you very much.



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