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Why Takeshi Shimizu, who cannot drink alcohol, runs the bar “TEN CLUB



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On May 30, the director and YouTuber Ricchan of “Funny Corporation Kayak” introduced the standing bar in Koenji, “Takeshi Shimizu, owner of TEN CLUB, a standing bar in Koenji, appeared on the program. We asked him about his reasons for running a bar despite not being able to drink, the various jobs he experienced before opening the bar, TEN CLUB’s specialties, and the surprising origin of the bar’s name.

From working in construction to working as an apparel salesperson, I was able to run a bar.

Celeina (MC): Yesterday, Ricchan introduced you as a “bar owner who can’t drink” in one word.

Shimizu: Yes, that’s right. My constitution is such that I can’t drink anymore.

Celeina: But if you own a bar, it means you love drinking, right?

Shimizu: Yes, I do. It’s a lot of fun.

Takano (MC): I heard that you opened the bar after having various experiences.

Shimizu: I started out as an office worker in the construction industry, working as a site supervisor and at an architectural design firm, and once I was able to start my own business, I did. After that, I worked as an apparel salesperson, which is a completely different job.

Celeina: And from there, a bar?

Shimizu: Yes, that’s right.

Celeina: Why did you go to the bar?

Shimizu: When I started my own business, I was doing facility drawings, but that alone didn’t bring me much work, so I started doing design and everything else. Then I got really interested in design. I was wondering if I could somehow turn that into a career, but I had no track record. I had been an office worker until then. So I thought that if I ran a bar, I could increase my network of contacts, and if I made it a thriving business and created a cool place, I might get some work. I wanted to do all the direction and design work myself.

Celeina: So you wanted to get more design work. The bar is not the goal.

Shimizu: That’s right.

Takano: Interesting story that I haven’t heard much about.

Celeina: By the way, did you also draw the design drawings for TEN CLUB?

Shimizu: No, I wanted to involve my friends. I involved my friends and we all worked together on the interior design and the site supervisor.

Celeina: That’s amazing. So a community has already been formed around you, centering on you.

Shimizu: I’ve been in many places, so I know many people.

Takano: Do you yourself stand at the bar?

Shimizu: Yes, I do. I am there.

Takano: Then, you have experience in various industries, so you can talk about many things.

Shimizu: That’s a little bit of an advantage.

Celeina: What is TEN CLUB particular about?

Shimizu: We don’t really feel like we are selling alcohol. I think the meaning of drinking and who you drink with are more important, so we offer a discount if you share a bottle of craft beer or something. I do it with the hope that the drinks will be a conversation starter or a hook.

Takano: I see. I guess I feel that alcohol is an element of having a good time.



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