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Deeply Offal stew. What is the famous restaurant in Tokyo where “Nikomisuto” Kyouhei Hashimoto was shocked?



A circle of friends connected by goo touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On October 2, Kyouhei Hashimoto of “Nikomist,” an enthusiast of stewed dishes, will appear. We talked mainly about the charm and depth of “stew” including “offal stew”.

Defining “Stew”

Takano (MC): First of all, the name “Nikomisto” is super nice. Did you come up with this one, Mr. Hashimoto?

Hashimoto: I got it from Sujitaro Tamabukuro of Asakusa Kid, and we published a book together in 2020, at which time he named me “Nikomisto” so I took the liberty of calling myself that.

Takano: Wow, in person. Where did you meet him?

Hashimoto: Tama-san runs a snack bar in Akasaka, and I was introduced to him there. While talking with Tama-san, we got into the topic of liking stewed food at a popular bar, and he asked me, “Well, do you know that stewed food?” I answered three or four questions, and he said, “Okay, let’s publish a book”.

Takano: It’s amazing how the connection created by offal stew or how the name “Nikomist” came about from there.

Hashimoto: Yes, it is. I really appreciate it.

Takano: Once again, I would also like to ask you about what is Stews.

Celeina (MC): Well, the definition.

Hashimoto: It’s just my definition, but I think one way is that it contains parts that finally become tasty after being stewed.

Celeina:It tastes better only when it is stewed than when it is served as it is.

Hashimoto:That’s right. The beef is not tasty unless it is stewed, because it has a bad smell or is hard. I think of stewing them and serving them as “offal stew”. So, although dishes such as kakuni are stewed, I don’t feel that I am eating stewed.

Takano: I see. When I go to an izakaya with my friends, I always order stewed. Whenever I say, “Let’s order the stew,” someone always says, “That sounds good”. Everyone supports it in their hearts, but until now, it has not been talked about much.

Celeina: Wait, are you the one from “Nikomist”?

Takano: Me too? No, I’m not. I don’t even call myself that(haha). I don’t know much about it, but I love offal stew.

Celeina: So you are Hashimoto-san’s apprentice.

Takano: I even want to be your apprentice today.

Hashimoto: So, you are the first one.

Takano: I was the first (haha).



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