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PR01. TOKYO Director Shota Miyazaki talks about the relationship between fashion and culture



Digging for jazz T’s, not band T’s, at thrift stores.

Takano: Speaking of fashion, I heard that there is an item you really like, Mr. Miyazaki.

Miyazaki: I collect T-shirts of jazz artists, called “Jazz T-shirts,” not “Band T-shirts.

Takano: What kind of T-shirts are those? Miles Davis?

Miyazaki: Yes, that’s right. Cannonball, Bill Evans, and so on. There are very few Jazz T’s to begin with.

Takano: I have never heard of it, I don’t know.

Miyazaki: There are bootlegs of jazz T-shirts, and I really like collecting them. My parents have always listened to jazz music.

Takano: How many do you have?

Miyazaki: I don’t have many, about 15.

Celeina: No, no, no. I’m a jazz-only musician.

Takano: I want a Bill Evans T-shirt, too. Jazz T-shirts are nice. I’m getting interested in it.

Miyazaki: I’ve been digging for a long time.

Celeina: Do you have a store where you can definitely find jazz T’s?

Miyazaki: I live in Koenji, so I go to vintage clothing stores on a regular basis. It’s like digging.

Takano: That’s great. That’s one of the ways to enjoy vintage clothing stores. Now, I’d like to start a song. I asked Mr. Miyazaki to choose a song he would like everyone to listen to together at this time. What song would it be?

Miyazaki: Yes, I would like to choose a song that we would all like to listen to together. It is a song by my senior beat maker, Sweet William. He is an artist who arranges original songs called “sampling beats,” and his songs are so nostalgic and evocative that it is hard to believe that they are instrumental. Think Twice” by Sweet William.

My favorite manga is “Skips and Loafers.

Takano: The beat is pleasant. Were you a senior?

Miyazaki: A playmate, a senior for fun.

Celeina: So, Mr. Miyazaki, one last thing, is there any recent culture that you are interested in?

Miyazaki: I don’t know if it counts as culture, but I really like manga.

Takano: What kind of manga?

Miyazaki: It’s called “Skips and Loafers.

Celeina: I watch it! I watch anime.

Miyazaki: The anime started recently.

Celeina: In manga form?

Miyazaki: In a manga. That manga is amazing. There are relationships and things that people say, “No, you don’t have to say this,” but the people around them are really affected by it. I really like the scene.

Takano: You read a lot of manga, don’t you?

Miyazaki: I read a lot of manga.

Celeina: Wow. We talk about manga, video games, and anime on the “ACG Tuesday” corner on this program, so please listen to it.

Miyazaki: I’ll definitely listen.

Celeina: Please do. Now, “FIST BUMP” is a “circle of friends connected by gut touch,” so we ask you to introduce us to your friends.

Miyazaki: It is Mr. Sora Murai, a stylist and my best friend for 10 years.

Takano: Are you also business associates?

Miyazaki: I ask him to do some work for me. He has styled fashion editorials for “BRUTUS” and “GQ.

Takano: Are you also acquainted with Celeina?

Celeina: Yes, we are connected.

Takano: In a word, what kind of person are you?

Miyazaki: In a word, he is a “set-up artist born in Ome.

Takano: Thank you very much. Tomorrow, we will be connecting with a set-up artist born in Ome, stylist Motoyoshi Murai.

Celeina: FIST BUMP: Today we have Shota Miyazaki, director of PR01. Thank you very much.

Miyazaki: Thank you very much.


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