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Tokyo’s “New Classic”: Shibuya’s Bar Music Sets the Standard for Music Bars



The Consistent Choice of Music Creates an Enduring Sense of Comfort

My impression of Bar Music has never changed. From the beginning, it has always had the same relaxed atmosphere as it does now, as if it had been there for a long time. The music selection has not changed either; Bar Music has always had a “Bar Music-like atmosphere” and the comfort that the music creates has never wavered no matter when I visit. Because of this consistency, there are many customers who have been coming to his place since the days when Nakamura-san was working at Café Après-midi.

When I wander in, I find the same records I have heard here before. For example, João Gilberto’s “En Mexico” and Pharaoh Sanders’ “Pharoah” are records that I have heard many times at Bar Music. The presence of these classic records sets the mood and temperature of the bar. Of course, there are new releases as well, and the collection is constantly being updated. When you are at Bar Music, even newly released records often sound as if they have been played in the store for a long time. Even though the records are played with a proper “now” feel, the atmosphere here is always the same as it always is at Bar Music, no matter when you stop by.

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