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#MUSIC Mitsutaka Nagira

Where you can find Good Music in Japan

Jazz cafes, listening bars, cafes with a good selection of background music, and record stores where you can eat and drink - in the past few years, these places where people come to listen to music, rather than to party or enjoy conversation, have attracted a great deal of attention as the new normal for the Corona disaster. These places have received a great deal of attention as being suited to the new normal of the Corona disaster. And even now, with the return of normality, its presence is still growing.

Music critic Mitsutaka Nagira, who has been presenting new trends and contexts of jazz through his "Jazz The New Chapter" series, visits a number of such places, where he encounters unknown music and hears familiar music in a completely new way.

Mitsutaka Nagira


Born in 1979. Music critic, supervising the mook series "Jazz The New Chapter" (Shinko-Music), which compiles jazz since the 21st century. Co-author of "Listening to 100 Years of Jazz" (Shinko- Music, 2017), a collection of trilogies with Masahiro Goto and Koji Murai, and "10 Viewpoints on Pop Music" (Artes Publishing, 2020), edited by Toshiyuki Owada.

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