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NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.27

Aga-risk Entertainment’s new performance, a mixed-time comedy set in a small building in Shinjuku

NiEW 2024.4.4|17:39
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.28

Seishiro Kato and others appear in the stage production of “Future Boy Conan” with a limited-time showing of the TV anime version to commemorate the stage production.

NiEW 2024.4.4|17:20
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.18

“Futaribotchi no Hoshi” by Ungeziefer, a masterpiece & a new two-person play performed simultaneously.

NiEW 2024.4.3|11:56
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.26

A joint work by Cyrus Wong and Kuro Tanino “The Bathhouse of Honest Desires” to be performed in Taiwan, with performances by Hairi Katagiri and others

NiEW 2024.3.27|12:56
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.18

For the second time in about three years, Jiro Omiya of Compsons presents his personal project “Eiga no parody”.

NiEW 2024.3.27|11:42
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.5

Heya no Sumi’s stage play “Taihaiteki Kohukuron” spins a conversational drama about backward-looking happiness.

NiEW 2024.3.11|11:18
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.28

Ningen no Joken will play the reinterpretation of “In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom” from the perspectives of “solitude” and “care,”.

NiEW 2024.3.8|14:13
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.15

Amayadori will play “A Doll’s House” with two patterns, one based on conversation and the other on the body.

NiEW 2024.3.8|13:42
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.4.1

Jeff Mills and Jun Togawa’s Collaborative Track to Premiere Exclusively on Apple Music

NiEW 2024.2.29|20:09

Renji Tachibana, an entertainment photographer who photographed Danshi Tachikawa for seven years, takes pictures because rakugo saved his life.

NiEW 2024.2.28|15:28

After graduating from Kyoto University, he was introduced to Shunputei Ichinosuke. The world of rakugo storytellers as told by Shunputei Ikkyu

NiEW 2024.2.28|12:07
NEWS #STAGE 2024.3.15

An “authentic horror” centered on an herbal medicine shop in a local town, Nihon no Radio play, “Hebi wo Umu”.

NiEW 2024.2.27|11:54



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