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NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.30

Kenichi Nagai’s personal unit “Bao Bao”; first performance is a one-man show about boys living together

NiEW 2024.5.21|11:48
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.25

A short story about trying to do “get a bit angry”, Mochi Mochi’s stage play “Nannnan Zutto Kono Kaze”.

NiEW 2024.5.21|10:58
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.24

KakiKuuKyaku’s newest work, “Koroshi Monku” a black office mystery that begins with a mysterious fall.

NiEW 2024.5.21|10:47

Yuichi Kishino and Ryota Ideguchi Discuss Art, Culture, and Community Engagement: Starting Fresh with “Fun”

Tamaki Sugihara 2024.5.9|15:45
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.17

Reconstruction of Yoshie Hotta’s “Wakaki hi no Shijintachi no Shozo” an open-air play by the Hiraoyogi Honten

NiEW 2024.5.7|12:15
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.15

A major remake of the 2017 version of “Ryakushiki: Hawaii,” Gekidan Sports’ “Comedy of Youth Memory Falsification”

NiEW 2024.5.7|10:54
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.24

Next performance of Tsui no Sumika to be staged at Sengawa Theatre in Chofu City, featuring a motif of a forest

NiEW 2024.5.7|10:33

Toshiki Okada Named Artistic Director for Tokyo Festival Starting 2025

NiEW 2024.4.25|23:25

NODA・MAP’s New Production to Star Jun Matsumoto, Masami Nagasawa, and Eita Nagayama, with London Dates This Fall

NiEW 2024.4.19|10:49
NEWS #STAGE 2024.5.1

A love story with the theme of “Spoiler,” set in the Yami Agari Theater

NiEW 2024.4.12|19:04
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.18

A youthful revenge drama dedicated to all bad adults, Rorie’s new performance in 4 years

NiEW 2024.4.12|18:28
NEWS #STAGE 2024.4.19

OPULENCE Vol.4: Japanese Drag Show Confirmed with Three Drag Queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race

NiEW 2024.4.9|15:37



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