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Artist Iichiro Tanaka Expands the World with “Nonsense”



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On December 21, filmmaker/director Kosaku Shimamoto introduced artist Iichiro Tanaka. We asked him about the many works he has created while confronting “meaninglessness.

“Street Destroyer” which turns cracks into play

Tanaka: My name is Iichiro Tanaka, and I am in charge of “Nonsense”.

Takano (MC): Mr.Shimamoto introduced you as “No Message Man”.

Tanaka: Yes, yesterday Mr.,Shimamoto called me “No-Message Man,” but if anything, I am in charge of “nonsense,” and I take pride in being in charge of all the nonsense in the world.

Takano: I would like to delve into this in various ways.

Celeina (MC): While still in college, Mr. Tanaka has been presenting videos, photographs, and objects under the banner of “No Message, No Meaning” regardless of genre or social context. As a creative and art director, you have planned and directed projects such as the au “Santaro” series and Asahi draft beer.

Takano: We had a chance to take a look at your work, but first, please tell us about your work “Street Destroyer.

Tanaka: Many people know about it after it appeared on NHK’s E-television program “Shakin! but in fact, we have been working on it for about 20 years.

It is a photo work in which an old man in a red jersey holds his fist against a crack in the road, making it look as if he has created the crack. As I continued, I decided to make a video as a project for a children’s TV show, and children all over the country were able to imitate my work.

Celeina: He also brings small figures to the studio.

Tanaka: I thought it would be interesting to have a figure of an old man from who-knows-where, so I took the liberty of having him appear in the video. Then, many people said, “I want this gacha,” so we made it.

Takano: For example, if you place it on top of a cracked smartphone, it looks as if Mr. Tanaka is breaking the screen, right?

Tanaka: That’s right. If people think that “Street Destroyer” did the cracking in the world, they won’t have to blame anyone else.



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