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Interview with Kenya Okuno about “adress,” golf apparel created by a professional skateboarder



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On November 6, professional skateboarder Kenya Okuno will appear. We asked him about his encounter with skateboarding, the similarities with his other hobby, golf, and the concept of his apparel brand “adress”.

Invited by a neighbor’s older brother-like figure, I met skateboarding

Celeina (MC): First of all, let me give you a brief profile of Mr. Okuno, who was born in Tokyo in 1989 and is a professional skateboarder representing Tokyo. He is not only a skater, but also a brand consultant, team manager, skatepark designer, and founder and manager of the apparel brand “adress”, utilizing his background as an MBA holder at Keio University Graduate School.

Takano (MC): You are active in a wide range of fields, but may I ask you about today’s fashion point?

Okuno: Today I am wearing a Supreme zip-up polo, with which I have a very close relationship.

Celeina: It’s Supreme, but it also has a collar, which gives it a classy look.

Takano: The gradient-like color is also very nice.

Celeina: The shoes are also a mix of gray and black, and match the top. This may sound like a biased opinion, but don’t skaters have cool fashion?

Takano: I totally understand.

Celeina: How about you, Okuno-san? The relationship between fashion and skateboarding is deep, isn’t it?

Okuno: Yes, it is. Skaters often express themselves on the streets, and since art and music cultures are intricately blended with easy-to-move clothes, I have the idea that it is easy for good things to be born in such a context.

Takano: It is an interesting blend of cultures.

Celeina:You are currently a professional skateboarder, but I would like to ask you about your first encounter with skateboarding.

Okuno: My first encounter with skateboarding was in the first grade of junior high school. I didn’t know anything about skateboards at all, but my neighbor’s older brother said to me, “Skateboards are cool, why don’t you try them? I went out to buy one.

Takano: From your neighbor’s brother.

Okuno: That’s right. I wondered if it was cool, but I was very confident in my athletic ability, so I thought I could do it, and when I got on it, I fell on my butt in front of everyone. From there, I showed my competitive spirit and have been doing it for more than 20 years now.

Takano: It is difficult and deep. How do you get good at jumping ollies?

Okuno: It takes about a month, but if you don’t give up and work hard and seriously, you can do it.



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