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Podcaster Teppei Fujita distributes “Araone” to fulfill his dream.



A circle of friends connected by gut touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On October 23, designer and podcaster Teppei Fujita will appear. We asked him about his motivation for starting the podcast program “Araone” and about his zine, which contains photos he has taken.

I remembered how I started the podcast when I heard a song by globe

Celeina (MC): First up for the week is the show’s nominee, designer and podcaster Teppei Fujita. Please say hello.

Fujita: Hello, GRAND MARQUEE listeners, my name is Teppei Fujita. Takano-san, Celeina-san, please give my regards to you. I was so enthusiastic that I tripped over one’s words from the beginning.

Takano(MC):I’m sure everyone have already noticed your voice. You have a podcast program.

Fujita: Yes, I do. I have a program called “Araone.

Celeina: And “Araone” started the same time as GRAND MARQUEE, in October last year.

Fujita: Yes, it started on October 5, 2022.

Takano: That’s a crazy coincidence.

Celeina: We are the same age for the program, aren’t we?

Fujita: I have always loved radio, and October is the time of the season for reorganization. That’s why I started the program during the reorganization period.

Celeina: Details are important.

Fujita: I wanted to be well versed in the industry.

Takano: That’s a good point. If you haven’t listened to the podcast program “Araone,” I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of program it is, but since you’ve prepared the audio, let’s listen to it for a moment.

Fujita: Are you kidding me, it will be played on J-WAVE?

Takano: It will be played.

Fujita: Please give it a listen.

Fujita: I’m so happy!

Takano: Teppei’s voice is so good that I feel at ease when he speaks close to me. I have listened to some of your episodes, and you are sometimes invited as a guest or something.

Fujita: Yes, we have invited three guests in the past year. I introduce a friend of mine who is a sushi chef, a friend who makes aromatherapy, and a friend who makes something. I have always wanted to introduce interesting people to everyone.

Takano: I would love to be invited.

Fujita: Can you come? The studio is home.

Celeina: It’s nice, it’s homey.

Takano:You do all the staffing aspects as well, don’t you?

Fujita: I do. We have a small mixer, so we can record jingles and other sounds. After recording, we basically don’t edit, but we have to take out lip noise and other things that occur, so it takes about a day and a half to make a single recording.

Celeina: Isn’t it amazing that you can still make one in a day and a half?

Fujita: Somehow, I have managed to do it for the past year without a break.

Celeina: Isn’t that professional?

Takano: To begin with, what made you start distributing podcasts?

Fujita: Many of the things I make as a designer are quite conceptual, so I wanted to communicate something about that through the podcast. But when I was listening to “Feel Like dance” by globe while walking along Roppongi Dori to come to the studio earlier, I started to cry. The lyrics are, “Feel like dance, the dream I almost gave up on when I was a teenager, the chances that circle around me pass by so quickly that I can’t even taste them.

I was a TV personality for a little while when I was a teenager, but I gave it up. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to make this dream come true one more time, but I had been working for 20 years without being able to say so. I was reminded of that when I listened to a globe song a while ago, and I realized that I started the podcast because I wanted to share my words with as many people as possible.

Takano: Celeina, you are about to cry.

Celeina: I thought it was a good story. Do you want to listen to it for a moment? Globe.

Takano: Let’s listen to globe once.

Celeina: May I ask you to just introduce the song?

Fujita: I will. I love Tetsuya Komuro, “Feel Like dance” by globe.



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