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Video creator Chanpon Chikara cheerfully enjoys drinking in his own way.



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On October 12, bartender Toshihiro Fukami introduces us to Chanpon Chikara, a creator who distributes drinking videos. In this interview, we not only talked about the video production he started with the Corona disaster, but also about Chanponchikara’s way of enjoying alcoholic beverages and his experience in Ireland, the sacred land of whiskey.

A Drink Lover Turned Video Creator

Celeina (MC):We welcomed Chanpon Chikara, a creator who distributes videos of alcoholic beverages, recommended by Toshihiro Fukami, a bartender..Nice to meet you.

Chikara: Nice to meet you.

Celeina: May I call you Chikara-san?

Chikara: Yes. Please call me Chikara!

Celeina: Is this “chanpon” meaning “drinking various kinds of alcohol”?

Chikara: Also, I am from Nagasaki, so it has two meanings, that and “Nagasaki Chanpon”.

Takano (MC): I think a lot of people watch Chikara’s videos. I also saw the short video that came on and watched it, so I thought it was him! He distributes videos related to alcohol on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc. I really like the sound. Do you pay much attention to sound?

Chikara: I use an iPhone and don’t use a microphone at all. I just turn up the sound in the editing.

Celeina: There is a healing ASMR-like element to the sound.

Takano: Like the sound of a bottle of soda being released, or the sound of ice cubes being churned.

Chikara: Thank you very much.

Celeina: What made you start distributing videos in the first place?

Chikara: Before the Corona Disaster, I used to go out for three or four drinks every day, five or six at the most. But when the lockdown shut down all the places at once and I could only drink at home, I thought I wasn’t being productive, so I tried posting videos. Then I happened to get a buzz on the second day, so I thought I’d keep doing it for a while, and I’ve been doing it for about three years.

Takano: How many subscribers do you have on YouTube?

Chikara: About 370,000 or 380,000.

Celeina: Surprisingly, many people from countries other than Japan watch our videos.

Chikara: We get a lot of comments from overseas. Especially TikTok comments are mostly in English.

Takano: It seems that the taste of sake can be conveyed beyond language.

Celeina: Sake is a common language.



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