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YouTuber Kaito Ogawa Continues to Communicate in Order to “Change the Baseball World”



A circle of friends connected by goo touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On October 4, YouTuber Kaito Ogawa appeared on the show, introduced by Japan’s only cheering song producer JIN TOSHIO. We asked Ogawa, who is active on three YouTube channels, “Jaikiri,” “Powerful Spirits,” and “Zako ga YouTube hajimemasu” about how he became a YouTuber, why he joined “Powerful Spirits,” and what he does.

My goal is to change the baseball world

Celeina (MC): Joining us today is YouTuber Kaito Ogawa, who was introduced to us by Japan’s only cheering song producer, JIN TOSHIO. Please give him my best regards.

Takano (MC): Mr.Jin said that you were giggling. I felt your aura the moment you came into the studio.

Ogawa: Thank you very much!

Celeina: Let me introduce you to Kaito’s profile: He was born in 1996, has been playing baseball since elementary school, and after graduating from college, he joined YBC Kashiwa. Currently, he is a YouTuber with the goal of changing the baseball world while also being a member of the “Powerful Spirits” baseball influencer team.

Takano: Changing the baseball world is a pretty big goal, isn’t it?

Celeina: What exactly do you want to change?

Ogawa: I’m just saying that to be cool. I started this project in order to look back on others, and it seems like I’m just taking advantage of the situation (haha). But baseball is an industry where all kinds of rumors, both good and bad, circulate. I think I am the only one who can change that, and that is why I am doing this with this goal in mind.

Takano: So that’s why you became a YouTuber.

Celeina: Why did you choose YouTube?

Ogawa: I also wanted to become a professional baseball player. However, I chose YouTubing because I thought it would be the closest to my goal of changing the baseball world, because I needed to be influential, and because there are things I can’t say if I am restricted by adults.

Takano: I see what you mean, it makes sense.

Ogawa: It’s just a little bit cool like that.

Takano: Everyone wants to cheer for you, don’t they?

Ogawa: You should cheer them on!

Celeina: And you are now active on three YouTube channels, right?

Ogawa: Yes, one is my own, the second is “Powerful Spirits,” which you introduced earlier, and the third is a newly created channel called “Zako ga YouTube hajimemasu” with my Powerful Spirits’s baseball friends.

Takano: Kaito, your own channel is called “Jaikiri”. What kind of channel is this?

Ogawa: It mainly focuses on baseball only, and we are thinking of a baseball channel that has never existed before. We want to change the baseball world, and we want people from all walks of life to be interested in baseball, so we are not only doing baseball, but also baseball and variety shows.

Takano: Is Jaikiri a giant killing?

Ogawa: Yes, it is. I like the term giant killing. I think it’s a good name for a feeling of crawling up to the top or something like that.

Takano: I see, it’s very glittering.

Celeina: As expected. Kaito, is this really your first radio appearance? I can’t believe it’s your first appearance.

Ogawa: Do you have a sense of style?

Takano: I feel like I have a sense of style.

Celeina: What year did you start YouTube?

Ogawa: I tried various YouTube sites, but I started “Jaikiri” just about a year ago.

Celeina:That’s recent.

Ogawa: That’s right.

Takano: I had a little look at it. Did you start the “Zako ga YouTube hajimemasu” channel a week ago or something?

Ogawa: About a week ago, we decided to “let’s do it”.

Takano: I like your light footwork.

Ogawa: I trust my instincts.

Takano:It’s important to have the ability to act.

Celeina: Was the reason you were selected for “Powerful Spirits” to increase the number of channel subscribers?

Ogawa: That was part of it, but “Powerful Spirits” has seasons, and I watched the first season as a viewer. I thought, “Why didn’t they choose me? I have a talente.” I applied to be in the selection process and was accepted. I am really grateful to the people above me.

Takano: What kind of team is it?

Ogawa: It is a baseball channel run by a group of influencers under the leadership of Kimiyasu Kudo, who won the SoftBank championship. So there are people who are much more famous than I am.



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