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Akihiro Miki, drummer of “Neconemuru” chooses to work as a graphic designer.



The unique charm of a shared office

Celeina: I understand that you are now an independent designer, but basically, do you work alone? Do you work alone, or do you sometimes work in a team?

Miki: I tend to work as a team. Sometimes there is a person in charge of direction who thinks about how the project should be done, and other times I work with people who want to create this kind of service.

Takano: Are you the type of person who goes to an office to work?

Miki: Right now, I rent a shared office and work there.

Celeina: I’m a bit curious about shared offices. Are you a heavy user?

Miki: Yes, I am. Basically, I go there every day.

Celeina: Is working at home different from working in an office?

Miki: It is different. I can do graphic design at home if I wanted to, but I can also chat and see what other people are working on, and since there are other people in the shared office besides graphic designers, we can communicate and sometimes come up with ideas. Also, there is a pattern of bringing in other people to work on different jobs.

Celeina: So the shared office is such a friendly place.

Miki: Yes, it is. Some days it’s like we’re playing.

Celeina: Sounds fun! I’ll have to check it out.

Takano: I thought I’d take a look too (laughs).

Celeina: That sounds good. Now, I would like to send you a piece of music. I would like to send you a song by NECO Sleeping, in which you participate as a drummer.

Miki: We released a new album “The Key to My Parent’s Home” in April this year, and I would like to introduce a song from it, “Even if I Grow Up.



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