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Tomo Maeda, owner of Tomigaya’s “Sakebozu” thinks about a new way to taste sake



Stylish and tasty original black seven spice

Celeina: Maeda-san, where can I check to reserve a table at your restaurant?

Maeda: We have an account on Instagram, so it would be easiest to find us there.

Celeina: I understand. And Maeda-san gave me a souvenir earlier.

Maeda: I really like the black shichimi sold in Kyoto, so I made my own version of it.

Takano: It doesn’t look like black shichimi. It’s in a silver package. And the logo and stuff, it looks cool.

Celeina: Stylish.

Maeda: I like to make goods, T-shirts, hats, and so on. I make stamps for those things, too, and I think it would be good to stamp them on things.

Takano: I have never seen such a cool black shichimi. The aroma is really good. (Eat it.) It’s really delicious.

Celeina: Is it good to eat?

Takano: It tastes good eaten as it is. It’s almost like it’s in a hot bean curd or something.

Maeda: Yes, it is.

Takano: The aroma is really good when poured over tofu.

Celeina: Thank you very much.

Maeda: No problem at all.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends connected by “Goo-Touch,” and we are asking you to introduce us to your friends.

Maeda: I would like to introduce Kazuhiko Hashimoto, who runs a beer restaurant called “sansa” and a wine store called “awai” in Akasaka.

Celeina: What is your relationship with him?

Maeda: I was originally introduced to the restaurant by a friend through a beer or craft beer connection.

Celeina: How would you describe Mr.Hashimoto in one word?

Maeda: I’m connected to him, but he is stoic and bearded (haha).

Takano: This week, we are all bearded (haha).

Celeina: The back theme is beards (haha). Thank you very much. Tomorrow, I will be talking to Kazuhiko Hashimoto, who runs a beer restaurant called “sansa” and a wine store called “awai” in Akasaka. Today, it was Tomo Maeda, owner of Sakebozu in Tomigaya. Thank you very much.

Maeda: Thank you very much.


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