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Ask Ayaka Sakuragi about BONUS TRACK on its 3rd anniversary and the changes in Shimokitazawa



A circle of friends connected by goof-touch! On March 27, Ayaka Sakuragi, director of BONUS TRACK, appeared on the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” to talk about BONUS TRACK, which is celebrating its third anniversary, and the changes in Shimokitazawa. We asked her about BONUS TRACK, which is celebrating its 3rd anniversary, and about changes in Shimokitazawa.

What kind of place is Shimokitazawa BONUS TRACK?

Takano (MC): FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends connected by go-touch, and at the beginning of the week, we invite people recommended by the program. Today we have Ms. Ayaka Sakuragi, director of BONUS TRACK in Shimokitazawa. Nice to meet you!

Sakuragi: Nice to meet you!

Takano: First of all, I would like to let everyone in front of the radio get to know BONUS TRACK, so could you please introduce us, Ms. Sakuragi?

Sakuragi: Thank you very much, it is a new shopping mall/commercial facility that will open in April 2020, right in the middle of Shimokitazawa and Setagaya-Daita stations in Tokyo. It is a space where bookstores, various specialty stores, and other unusual independent stores are all crammed together.

Takano: I also went to Bonus Track today and stayed there for a long time. What I found very interesting was the area that is seamlessly connected to the streets of Shimokita.

Sakuragi: Originally, there was a railroad line there, so the fact that a big road was built straight from Shimokitazawa station was a big event for Shimokitazawa.

Ayaka Sakuragi

Takano: The BONUS TRACK is really city-like, isn’t it?

Sakuragi: That’s right. The original houses are still there on both sides, so it blends in with the city, or rather, it blends in.

Takano: Also, the design is really high quality. The products sold in the stores and the stores themselves are all designed. But it is also a place where people feel close to each other and anyone can be accepted.

Sakuragi: It has a cool look, but I think the space is designed with a sense of comfort in mind, such as by intentionally making the vegetation look mossy.

Takano: Mr. Sakuragi, you are the director of BONUS TRACK. What do directors do?

Sakuragi: I am not in charge of running a store, but rather I am in charge of planning and managing events with tenants in the plaza and gallery space, which are common areas, and creating events for the local community so that the facility as a whole can remain in good shape.


Takano: The name “BONUS TRACK” is also nice.

Sakuragi: Thank you very much. It has a simple meaning of a bonus track in Shimokitazawa, as it was created at the site of the old railroad tracks. The name “BONUS TRACK” also includes the meaning of “challenge” and the desire to be a place of expression.

Takano: It’s a really good name, isn’t it? I am from the CD generation, so when I heard “BONUS TRACK” I thought “Aha! (laughs).

Sakuragi: I’m glad (laughs).



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