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A24’s “The Inspection” is a story about diversity based on real-life experiences



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The dialogue on diversity

The theme of multiple identities and their fluctuations is reminiscent of “Moonlight” (2016), also produced by A24. The scene in which French embraces his friends as if to hold them together after they have lost their place in the world is reminiscent of the diner scene in the same film. It’s also tempting to connect the aesthetic and brutal underwater training shots to “Moonlight,” including the connection to water as a catalyst for change of subjectivity. On the other hand, unlike that film, the emphasis on direct dialogue between people with different backgrounds and conflicts, such as the aforementioned dialogue scene with the mother, is also impressive.

©2022 Oorah Productions LLC.All Rights Reserved.

The music for the film, by the indie rock band Animal Collective, also accompanies people with complex identities and their changes. According to director Bratton, the songs are “based on the concept of searching for a new ‘religion. Although several spiritual songs are heard throughout the film, they are not Western or Western-oriented and seem to reflect the diversity of the characters.

It’s heartbreaking to see peoplewithe no place in a harsh and discriminatory training program try to live without giving up. And French continues to confront people and places that deny them the opportunity to be themselves. Through “The Inspection,” we are invited to a dialogue about the complexities of identity and diversity.

“The Inspection”

Directed and written by Elegance Bratton
Starring Jeremy Pope, Gabrielle Union, Raul Castillo, Macor Lombardi, Aaron Dominguez, Boquim Woodbine
Distributed by Happinet Phantom Studios
©2022 Oorah Productions LLC. All Rights Reserved.

In theaters nationwide at TOHO Cinemas Chante, Shinjuku Musashinokan and others.



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