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Music, work, and sometimes memorial services

Music activity starting from a working person. Sympathize with Shinya Takano’s café-au-lait theory and preoccupation power.



Everyone imagines striking out, but it’s important to go to bat.

Mr. Takano, I heard that having your music aired in the demo tape audition corner of “Radio Sakamoto,” which was run by Ryuichi Sakamoto, was a big motivator for you to start your music career in earnest. Such a corner is also a way to increase the number of people who listen to your music, and it makes people think, “I want to try making music, too.

tami: Why did you decide to apply in the first place?

Takano: When I showed my first song to a friend, he was a listener of “Radio Sakamoto” and said, “Why don’t you send it in? He said, “Why don’t you send it to him? I did, and the song got airplay, and it was a big reason for me to apply because “the professor praised it.

tami: That kind of opportunity is also important. There was a possibility that you would not send the song, wasn’t there? It would have been a hassle. But you thought something might change if you sent it.

Takano: That’s right. It is important to go to bat, isn’t it? If you don’t get up to bat, your batting average will not increase. So it is really important to try everything.

tami: That may be the most difficult thing. Everyone imagines striking out.

Takano: But even if you strike out, it might be a home run the next time you step into the batter’s box, and you never know. In the case of music, I think it is important to keep writing songs, keep playing live shows, and so on, and the number of times you play is also quite important.

tami: Are you the type that has a hard time giving up? I’m the type of person who is just going to keep doing it.

The latest album released by TAMIW this February

Takano: I’m like that too. Even in advertising copywriting, there is a show race that I enter every year, and I keep entering until I win it, too. Maybe I’m not a quitter. It’s frustrating. Even though I think I’m good at it.

tami: In the end, that is probably the most important thing. I also think that one day I will win. But if I give up, it will never happen. When I say this, people say, “That’s something only people who hit it can say,” but I think it is surprisingly true. I think that if you keep trying until you die, you will probably hit it at least once.

Takano: People who have achieved great success in the past have also failed miserably.

tami: I think that is absolutely true. You have to stand up to bat. It is basic, but it is the most important thing.


July 13(Thu)
TAMIW × ego apartment 2MAN SHOW
Shinsaibashi ANIMA
Open / Start 18:30 / 19:00
Ticket(2nd advance 5/24 12:00 – 5/28 23:59) : /
adv / door ¥3,500 / ¥4,000

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