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Where you can find Good Music in Japan

Iidabashi’s BAR MEIJIU, a perfect listening bar where everything is inevitable



Since its opening in 2010, Iidabashi’s BAR MEIJIU has attracted a wide range of people, from those who enjoy dining in the Kagurazaka area to young music freaks coming to the area to visit this bar.

Music critic Mitsutaka Yanagiraku is one of those fascinated by this restaurant. BAR MEIJIU also has many fans in the music industry.

NiEW visited the restaurant for the third installment of the series “Where Good Music Meets Good Music.”

Established bar with the solidified concept 

It has been three years since a bar I happened to find on Twitter and became my favorite place to hang out. I have no connection to Iidabashi, which is far from my home. But I had a hunch that I should go there. That was BAR MEIJIU.

I was attracted to BAR MEIJIU because every detail was taken care of, and it was infinitely complete as a restaurant. And that “perfection” includes their music selection.

There are a number of stores in Tokyo with a high degree of perfection. For example, Nishiogikubo’s JUHA and Shibuya’s Bar Music. Although these two establishments play music of various genres and eras, the music selected has a common taste, texture, and feeling in line with the atmosphere and worldview that the establishments want to create, creating a strange sense of unity. Even the interior design and furnishings are designed to match the music and atmosphere perfectly. The “well-designed” music selection, including the music itself, gives the restaurant an originality that cannot be found anywhere else.

The bar has a somewhat unusual structure with table seating in the back as well as a counter. The restaurant is a little unusual in that it has not only a counter, but also table seating in the back.
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