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Childhood friends Miran x Ayaka Kutsuna (DAW 90000)’s unexpected reunion



Singer-songwriter Miran from NiEW’s series of exchange diaries with Ban Obara wanted to talk with Ayaka Kutsuna of the promising young comedy group “DAW 90000.” Although the two were friends from elementary school, they didn’t recognize each other. And they were reunited recently.

They are kindred spirits looking in different directions in the sense that their strides are different, but their speeds seem the same. Please take a peek into their adventures through this conversation.

Miran was chatty, while Kutsuna jumped silently

When did you two first meet?

Miran: We went to elementary school together. I moved in when I was in the 5th grade.

Kutsuna: I moved to the school when I was in the 6th grade. We knew each other, but we were in different classes. I was in class 1 and Miran was in class 5.

Miran: When we entered junior high school, we were never in the same class because there were nine classes in one grade. We both joined the track and field club, and since then we were together almost every day. But the slots for competitions were limited, and seniors had priority, and Kutsuna had a better record, so I switched to the discus throw.

Kutsuna: Miran is a discus thrower, isn’t she? She throws really fast! (laughs)

Miran: Enough to make it to the prefectural competition.

Kutsuna also made it to the prefectural competition in the broad jump, right?

Kutsuna: I was 1 cm short.

Miran: I see, you were so close. Kutsuna also became the head of the department.

Kutsuna: It was all a bit of a flirtation (laughs).

Miran: Kutsuna was the only serious one.

Kutsuna: Miran was always by my side saying, “You should do it this way! Miran was always by my side saying, “You should do it this way!

(From left to right) Miran and Ayaka Kutsuna

Miran: I always wanted to get attention anywhere. I didn’t say it out loud, but secretly in my heart, I wanted to be the head of the department.

Kutsuna: Oh, really? I didn’t know that.

Miran: Anyway, I wanted to stand among others. It would be really dull if I became the leader (laughs). The team leader was decided by a vote, so I thought it was impossible for me, because I didn’t practice seriously at all. The discus throw doesn’t involve any running, so there’s not much to practice.

Kutsuna: We were always messing around next to the long jump sand pit.

Miran: We were measuring Kutsuna’s long jump record.

Kutsuna: I was running and jumping while Miran was talking all the time (laughs).

I can picture that. Did you guys become good friends right after you joined the track and field club?

Miran: At first, we became friends because we were in the long jump together, and since we lived close to each other, we started walking to school together.

During the summer vacation of our second year of junior high school, we traveled alone to my relative’s house in Shikoku, we traveled for about four nights.

Kutsuna: Miran jumped off a very high cliff into the Shimanto River! I was too scared to do anything but watch.

Miran: I’m an active person.



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