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TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023: A Snapshot of the Pop Culture Phenomenon with 40,000 Enthusiasts



The cultural festival event TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023, celebrating pop culture, occurred on October 21 (Saturday) and 22 (Sunday), 2023. The venue included the former Nishi-Ochiai Junior High School and the Tama Center Station area in Tama City, Tokyo.

Across two days, about 40,000 individuals congregated at TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023. The event, orchestrated and overseen by WACK—renowned for fostering artists such as BiSH, currently overseeing seven groups—and NiEW, dedicated to supporting alternative culture, was intricately planned through collaboration with the sponsorship of Tama City, local residents, and businesses. Leveraging the entire cityscape, encompassing the main thoroughfare in front of the station and an abandoned school building, professionals and citizens from the Tama New Town vicinity worked together to craft a distinctive and expansive event.

Reporting on the inaugural TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023, highlighting the event through a collection of photographs.

Digest video of “TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023

The Overall Atmosphere of TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023

The venue was divided into two areas. In the former Nishi-Ochiai Junior High School, “WACK’s own cultural festival” was held with the participation of all WACK groups (ExWHYZ, GANG PARADE, ASP, BiS, Tameshiba no Oogun, Somewhere in Tokyo, KiSS KiSS, BiTE A SHOCK) and Richi. WACK members worked hard to create a festival that included live performances, art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, costume exhibitions, film screenings, theatrical performances, classes, live broadcasts, and even decorations inside the school.

Venue MAP
WACK members

In addition to markets and exhibits by local creators, a choral festival with the Higashi Ochiai Elementary School Chorus Group and a kids’ dance program were also held at the same venue. While local events have been downsized due to the Corona disaster, this collaboration was the result of the hometown aspirations of the two organizers, Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK) and Mansaku Kashiwai (NiEW), who were born and raised in the Tama Center Station area.

The key visual for “TAMATAMA FESTIVAL 2023” was also created by FACE, an illustrator from the former Nishi-Ochiai Junior High School where the event was held, and Shinya Hanabusa, a designer.
WACK’s own chorus festival” in collaboration with the Higashi Ochiai Elementary School Chorus Group of Tama City.
MUSEUM for NEWTOWN,” a local market held in the schoolyard

The other venue, the area in front of Tama Center Station, was named “NiEW TOWN PARTY” and featured a special edition of “exPoP!!!!!”, a free admission music event organized by NiEW. Autumn”, a corporate exhibition event introducing new technologies, and “TAMA CURRY CAMP”, a curry festival.

exPoP!!!!!”, which was held free of charge on the outdoor stage in front of the station area. @TAMATAMA2023』。KIRINJI(弾き語り)、角舘健悟(Yogee New Waves)、Homecomings、柳瀬二郎(betcover!!) Laura day romance, Emerald, Neko Sen, Legend of Divorce, Miran, ako, Cody Lee (Lee), and Shinrhythm will perform.
Curry festival “TAMA CURRY CAMP” held on Parthenon Boulevard in front of the station area
TAMA TECH 2023 Autumn – TAMA “Machi-zukai” Technology Expo” held at Parthenon Tama in front of the station area.



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