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‘Worlds Apart’: A Chronicle of Two Unlikely Cohabitants



Ⓒ2024 ヤマシタトモコ・祥伝社/「違国日記」製作委員会
Ⓒ2024 ヤマシタトモコ・祥伝社/「違国日記」製作委員会

Depiction of ‘Worlds Apart’ in Film: Insights from a Popular Manga

The movie ‘Worlds Apart’ is based on the manga of the same name, which began serialization in the manga magazine “Feel Young” in 2017 and garnered many manga awards, including fourth place in the “Manga Grand Prize 2019” and fourth place in the “Onna” section of Takarajima Publishing’s “This Manga is Amazing! The story centers on a junior high school student, Asa, whose parents suddenly died in an accident, and her aunt, Makio, a girl novelist, who has taken her in. The film beautifully depicts the delicate conflicts that people living in today’s society are faced with.

Takumi Asa (ikoi Hayase) Ⓒ2024 by Tomoko Yamashita / Shōdensha, ‘Worlds Apart’ Production Committee
Makio Koudai (Yui Aragaki) Ⓒ2024 by Tomoko Yamashita / Shōdensha, ‘Worlds Apart’ Production Committee

In the manga, the emotional descriptions of the characters interspersed with monologues add depth to the work itself, and the author Tomoko Yamashita’s attitude of delicately and sincerely dealing with human emotions and society can be felt. However, the film does not include voice-overs that could be substituted for monologues, and succeeds in depicting the subtleties of emotions almost exclusively through human interaction.

In an official interview, director Natsuki Seta said that she had to write the script before the manga was completed, and “by depicting life in the present tense, like a sketch, I aimed to gradually reveal the feelings and relationships in various forms. This film vividly depicts the relationships between Asa and Makio, as well as their own emotional transitions.



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