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Music Festival: Present and Future – Insights from Music Sociologist Junichi Nagai



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Music festivals have become everyone’s activities much like summer festivals, pools, skiing, and snowboarding, as leisure activities. The question arises: What meanings and roles do the “festivals” held across various regions currently embody, and how are they evolving?

In this interview, we spoke with music sociologist Junichi Nagai, who is conducting research on rock festivals. We delved into how festivals in Japan have changed amid the transformative period of COVID-19, how they are addressing social issues such as race and gender, which are also significant in overseas festivals. Furthermore, considering discussions in his book “The Sociology of Rock Festivals: Exploring Celebrations in an Individualized Society,” we explored the interplay between the Millennial generation and festivals, and what significance festivals hold for Generation Z. The conversation aims to contemplate the significance of “festivals,” which have evolved beyond mere celebrations for music enthusiasts.

Junichi Nagai
Born in 1977 in Hyogo Prefecture, Junichi Nagai is an associate professor at the Faculty of Sociology at Kansai International University. He holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and specializes in the sociology of music and media studies. Nagai conducts research on the relationship between society and music festivals, exploring events around the world. His publications include “The Sociology of Rock Festivals: Exploring Celebrations in an Individualized Society” (2016, Minerva Shobo), co-authored works such as “How Have We Interacted with Western Music?” (2019, Hanadensha), and “Critical Word: Expanding and Updating the Act of Listening to Popular Music” (2023, Film Art Sha).



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