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Why does Gusokumuzu’s music ring out in a world without hapiness?



The “town” of the two bands represents “people’s realities.

What is the reason that Gusokumuz and Happiendo have reached a point of depicting the “realities of youth” with their own techniques and historical backgrounds?

I believe it is proof that Gusokumuzu and HAPPY END depict “something universal about youth. The fact that a band that sings about the anguish of youth still exists after the passage of half a century. This is a guarantee that there is something that will carry us through, regardless of whether we are in a future-oriented age or an age in which the community has collapsed.

The phrase “the alley is quiet and quiet, and I am completely empty” in the song “Aiaigasa(to share a umbrella)” by HAPPY END Beyond is a reference to a line from the Gusokumuzu’s song “Wet Shoes on Icas Street,” in which they say, “The outsider sees through my emptiness, as if he can see through my emptiness.

The composition of the developing city, the alleyways and outlying areas left behind, and the empty “I” who sympathizes with them is certainly repeated in this work.

I am lumped into the “Yutori-generation” or “Generation Z” without even realizing it, and labeled as “the youth of today…”. I don’t hate myself to the point of despair, but I do feel a sense of impatience, as if I am somehow left behind by the world. Such anguish is common in every age, and this is what they are singing about.

Neo Wind Town. This new “Kazemachi” that Gusokumuzu is trying to create is connected to “Kazemachi” in that it depicts the “reality of the city and the young people who live there”.

Considering that “town” is the foundation of our lives and a deposit of human history, it may be inevitable that they are singing about “town” as they depict our lives.

NiEW presents 『exPoP!!!!! vol.154』

Friday, August 25, 2023
Venue: Spotify O-nest
Time: OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00
Price: Admission free (must buy 2Drinks)

Performers: Gusokumuzu, Lucky Seben, One Dimensional Darkness Band and more!!!!!

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