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Macaroni Empitsu Hattori turns 30. “I want to express myself in a way that excites me”



I want to be a “hot and bothered” 30-something, different from Tamio Okuda, whom I admire. I want to try all kinds of expression as long as it excites me.

-As you tried your hand at acting this time, are you interested in drawing manga or illustrations, producing videos, or other forms of visual expression in the future?

Hattori: I would like to be asked to do so. I want to be given crazy deadlines (laughs). If someone says, “Here is the deadline,” I will do it. It’s easier that way. Is there anything you want to do? I would be like, “No, I’m ……,” but if someone says, “Please do it,” like in this case, I would be like, “If you say so. That’s why it’s easier for me to do the work I’m asked to do.

-Do you prefer visual work to print work? What if you were asked to write a novel or an essay?

Hattori: I’m not sure about novels. I think I would give up halfway through. If it were a short story, I think I could still give it a try.

-As I mentioned to Lily-san at the beginning, with printed work, you have to face yourself logically, but with visual expression, you have to ask yourself, “What will happen? and you can entertain yourself as well. Maybe that’s the difference.

Hattori: For the anniversary book that came out this year (“Macaroni Pencil 10th Anniversary Book – Macaroni Kuroni Kuru”), I was asked to draw a four-panel picture, and I thought I would try it for the first time in a long time. So, I am more confident in drawing pictures and other visual things.

-Do you have any thoughts on what you would like to do in your 30s outside of music?

Hattori: Well, …… I have always admired Tamio Okuda, and he has released two albums, “29” and “30”. I think that becoming a solo artist was the beginning of a second life as a musician for Tamio, and now I am at the same age as him.

In Tamio’s case, he became looser and looser, and he established it, or rather, he expanded it as his universe. That looseness is Tamio’s aesthetic, and he started to develop it around the time of “29” and “30. But I can’t imitate him, so I’d like to become …… hotter and hotter at this same milestone.

-You said that you are going to take a different path here.

Hattori: I recently realized that I am more suited to the hot and bothered side, and I think the reason why I admired Tamio-san was because he was different from me.

People are not looking for someone who looks like them, but are attracted to something different. At first, I misunderstood this, and thought that I wanted to be close to Tamio in terms of personality, but I realized that this was not the case in the first place. I think I am suited to becoming more and more hot and bothered. I don’t want the young people to hate me (laughs).

-I don’t want to be called an old man (laughs).

Hattori: I think it is better to be more honest. I don’t want to brush up on my eccentricity (laughs). I’m a grandma’s boy, and I think my eccentricity comes from my grandma, and that’s one of the things I like about myself. I hear and feel people around me say that people lose their passion as they get older, so I try not to let that happen.

In that sense, it might be a good idea to increase your output, not only in music but also in acting and other things as well.

Hattori: I think it is a good idea. In this day and age, I don’t think it is the time for musicians to dabble in all kinds of things and for fans to complain about it, since everyone is living that way. I think it’s okay to experiment with various things, and to think about what you like to do when you are doing something, not just one thing. I feel strongly that “you don’t have to think of yourself only as the person you are when you are doing this.

I love myself when I am doing music, but there may be other moments when I am doing other things that I love even more, and I think it would be a loss not to try them out. If there is an environment in which I can do that, I think I should do it, and if it makes even one person other than myself happy, then I want to do it. However, as a precondition, I definitely want to do something that I enjoy. If it is an expression that excites me, I would love to do it.


Friday, July 14, 2023 in theaters nationwide
Director: Tetsuya Chihara
Original story: “Ice Cream Fever” by Mieko Kawakami (“Ai no Yume toka” Kodansha Bunko)
Theme Song: “Ice Candy” by Kayoko Yoshizawa
Screenplay: Tadashi Shimizu
Music: Tomoyuki Tanaka
Cast: Riho Yoshioka
Serina Motola Shiba (Wednesday no Campanella)
Yumi Adachi Kotona Minami Junpei Goto (Jarujaru) Hatori (Macaroni Pencil) Comai
Iku Arai Momo (Charan po lantern) Marina Fujiwara Natsu Summer
MEGUMI Hairi Katagiri / Marika Matsumoto



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