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Macaroni Empitsu Hattori turns 30. “I want to express myself in a way that excites me”



The difficulty of acting is completely different from that of usual live performances. I thought to myself, “My voice is so tiny.

-What were your impressions of the actual filming?

Hattori: It was difficult. The first scene I shot with Riho Yoshioka’s character Natsumi was still good. I was nervous because I knew Riho Yoshioka was there, but I could speak at a volume appropriate for that person, and I was able to act on the premise that it was a conversation.

Trailer for “Ice Cream Fever. Music is the theme song “Ice Candy” sung by Kayoko Yoshizawa.

Hattori: But the next scene is the one where he makes a phone call while unpacking, and he is talking to himself. He is talking to himself. It was a difficult scene for an amateur to act without a partner. From the audience’s point of view, it looks like there is only one person in the room, but there are many staff members around the camera, silently looking at us. It was very embarrassing (laughs).

(Laughs.) – Is it totally different from singing in front of a lot of people at a live concert?

Hattori: It is different. The person I am when I am performing live or doing something I am good at is totally different from the person I am when I am doing something I am not confident in, such as acting. I was embarrassed by how small I sounded, and I thought to myself, “My voice is so tiny!

(laughs) Even though I usually sing with such a loud voice (laughs).

Hattori: I didn’t know where to start. But the microphone was amazing. I think the microphone must have been used to poke me during editing, but when I looked at the finished product, my voice came out perfectly. I was like, “Is this coming through? I wasn’t sure if my voice was coming out at all.

-How was the scene with Mr. Yoshioka?

Hattori: It was a normal conversation scene with Mr. Yoshioka, but I didn’t want to be too much like my normal self. I didn’t want to sound too much like my usual self. The role wasn’t about being flirtatious, but rather about having an intellectual look and a quiet demeanor, so I didn’t want to show too much of my usual self, so I had to think about how to use language while acting.

I thought it would be difficult to act the role while thinking about the right words to use.

Hattori: I am a normal person, or rather, I am a normal person, but I am a little bit plain. Well, my private self is also normal or very suspicious (laughs), so it’s fine to be just as I am, but the most difficult thing is probably to be plain, even at …….

The more eccentric you are, the more likely you are to be able to swing out of it. Once you have done this kind of work, you start to think, “Now I want to try this kind of work,” and it would be interesting to play more outlandish, character-driven roles.

-Is there a role you would like to play already?

Hattori: I’d like to play the role of a …… rascal (laughs). I would like to play someone who is very vague but messed up. Well, even if I had such an opportunity, I would prefer not to have too many people around during the filming. I’d like them to use hidden cameras or fixed-point cameras (laughs).

(laughs). – That kind of concept might be good for a documentary-like style, though (laughs).

Hattori: I think it’s amazing that actors can do bed scenes while being watched. I think, “How could they do this scene so naturally? I also think of Toshiyuki Nishida’s “Tsuribaka nisshi” (Fishing Fool’s Journal). It looks super natural.

-Of course, professional actors are amazing, aren’t they?

Hattori: When I saw how it turned out this time, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be so bad that I couldn’t even look at it, but the editing was very good and the texture of the images was very stylish, so I thought, “It’s okay, I can see it. When I had an interview with Mr. Yoshioka for “MG,” he told me, “My manager was raving about your performance and said it was very good,” which made me say …… “Manager, huh?

(Laughs) – You really wanted to be praised by Mr. Yoshioka himself (laughs).

Hattori: But I was very happy. It is really nice to have even one person say something like that to me.



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