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What iamSHUM, an overly diverse group of artists, aims to achieve in animation production



A circle of friends connected by goof-touch! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On June 6, artist iamSHUM appeared on the program, introduced by photographer Tsubasa flyaway. iamSHUM, who handles everything from songwriting and track production to mastering himself, talked about how he started his music career, the origin of the name “iamSHUM,” the “WARNER HYPE MUSIC” label he started, and the animation production he started with the Corona Disaster.


The origin of iamSHUM is from BLACK EYED PEAS

Celeina (MC): First of all, let me give you a brief profile. iamSHUM is a music producer who does everything himself, from songwriting and track production to mastering. He has provided songs for various artists such as Kumi Koda, Kis-My-Ft2, and lol. Last year, he participated in the launch of “WARNER HYPE MUSIC,” a new label within WARNER MUSIC JAPAN, and was appointed as a super advisor.

Takano (MC): Isn’t it too diverse? (Laughs)

iamSHUM: A little bit, I did (laughs).

Takano: Yesterday, Tsubasa-san said “akaranger,” and I thought he might be doubling as all rangers.

iamSHUM: He wants to do it (laughs).

Takano: How do you feel about being called an “akaranger”?

iamSHUM: I probably want to be in charge. A psychic in Okinawa once told me, “You have three guardian spirits, and one of them is a general from the Han Dynasty in China. One of them is a general from the Han Dynasty in China, and he gives you a leader’s desire to lead. I listened to him with skepticism, but then, by chance, we got into a spiritual conversation. There are many souls on earth other than earthlings, and you are a soul from the planet Clarion. I thought, “You must be from the planet Clarion,” and left home amused. When I got home, I thought about how I had recently borrowed a book from a friend, and when I looked at it, I got goosebumps.

Celeina: What kind of story is this? Is it a scary story? That’s amazing (laughs).

Takano: So there is such a thing as a clarion?

iamSHUM: I was skeptical about it, but then I heard about it and was amazed. I brought the book to Tokyo and still treasure it.

Celeina: So you keep it like a good luck charm.

Takano: But it means that you have a lot of things.

iamSHUM: I’m such an acaranger that I want to be in charge of this MC. Sorry about that (laughs).

Celeina: (laughs). As mentioned in your profile earlier, iamSHUM, you write the lyrics, produce the tracks, and do all the mastering!

Takano: It’s not easy to do.

Celeina: How did you start your music career in the first place?

iamSHUM: My father has been running a studio in Okinawa for a long time, and music was close by, so it was natural for me to start playing music.

Celeina: I see. Do you remember the first instrument you touched when you were little?

iamSHUM: Drums. With guitar and piano, you have to learn the chords, but with drums, you can just start playing right away. From a child’s point of view, it was fun to play drums.

TAKANO: But a sense of rhythm is very important. It might be a good idea to develop it from a young age.

iamSHUM: When I was little, I couldn’t reach my kick foot, so I had it made so I could reach it.

TAKANO: I feel like I was educated for gifted children. How many other instruments can you play?

iamSHUM: I can basically play the guitar and bass. I can play the piano, but I can only play chords.

Takano: I am versatile.

Celeina: By the way, iamSHUM, I would like to ask you about the origin of your name.

iamSHUM: I’m often told that I wanted to be a track maker, and the person I admired was of BLACK EYED PEAS.

Celeina: I see. By the way, you read “shun” but spelled “SHUM”. Is there a reason for this?

iamSHUM: There were many foreigners in Okinawa, but they cannot say “N”. Since “N” is hard to pronounce, I thought “M” would be easier to say, so I changed it to “SHUM”. Then I thought I could hear “shum”, so I decided on “SHUM”.

Celeina: Now that you mention it, it is indeed.

Takano: I think it also becomes more unique when you write it.

iamSHUM: Yes, it does.

Celeina: Heh. I would like to send you a song here. iamSHUM, I asked you to choose a song that you would like to listen to with everyone on the radio at this time. What song would it be?

iamSHUM: It is the first single from my new label “WARNER HYPE MUSIC”, and I wrote the song with the name WARNER HYPE MUSIC. Please listen to the song “HYPE” in iamSHUM.

My goal is to distribute my own animation on Netflix

Celeina: You have been appointed as Super Advisor of WARNER HYPE MUSIC and you are the label head, what exactly do you do?

iamSHUM: I am in charge of the artists’ work up to the point of writing the songs, but I also hold meetings with the Warner staff to decide the release date, how to promote the music, and how to plan the music videos, etc., and then I carry out the work.

Celeina: So you are in charge of the process?

iamSHUM: I do that, but I have a great manager who is my partner, so I work with him to make WARNER HYPE MUSIC happen.

Takano: You sound like a producer.

iamSHUM: Thank you very much. There is a famous TikTok dancer group called “O-MENZ,” and I produced them and released a song with them last week. I produced a song for them and released it last week.

Celeina: We played a song by O-MENZ and iamSHUM yesterday, didn’t we?

iamSHUM: That song was the catalyst for the release of the O-MENZ group alone. I want to cherish that opportunity. We will do our best.

Celeina: And iamSHUM, you are also working on an animation project from around 2020.

iamSHUM: It’s not something great (laughs). My dreams in elementary school were to be a manga artist and a film director. I saw “Princess Mononoke” and wanted to make an animation like that. Around the time of Corona 2020, I started studying animation, and I have been drawing, moving, and incorporating my own animation into music videos and such.

Takano: Isn’t that crazy awesome?

iamSHUM: A little bit of hard work. My goal is to make my own animations and distribute them on Netflix, and I’m working on it.

Celeina: And iamSHUM did the music.

iamSHUM: That’s right. I also like anime, so I was hoping to do an anime tie-in with one of my songs. But there are many conflicts, so I thought about how I could do it, and I thought it would be good if I made my own animation. Then I thought I could make my own animation and play my own songs on it, so I thought subs was the only way to do it.

Takano: Netflix might be more likely to listen to it.

iamSHUM: Thank you very much, Netflix. I don’t even have a thing yet (laughs).

Takano: I’m looking forward to your future activities.

iamSHUM: We will really do our best.

Celeina: Now, “FIST BUMP” is a circle of friends that you connect with through gutta-touch, so we are asking you to introduce your friends to us. iamSHUM, who would you like to introduce to us?

iamSHUM: He is a great friend of mine, and he is “DJ YU-KI. He DJs at many clubs in Tokyo, and I also make music with him, collaborate with him, and we have a private life together, so we have been good friends for about 10 years.

Celeina: In one word?

iamSHUM: Amanojaku 100%.

Takano: I wonder what kind of person he is (laughs).

iamSHUM: He is a very nice guy. He is so charming and funny that I have never met anyone who dislikes him. I am from Okinawa, but he has a more Okinawan face than I do. He has a strong face.

Takano: I’m also curious about the “Amanojaku” part, so I would like to talk to him tomorrow. Tomorrow I will connect you to DJ YU-KI.

Celeina: “FIST BUMP” today was artist iamSHUM. Thank you very much.

iamSHUM: Thank you very much.


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