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Curry Mason Masahiro Tsunokawa shares his life-changing thoughts on curry.



My love for curry grew so strong that I opened a curry shop on the spur of the moment.

Celeina: And then there is the “Wimusical” store in Koenji. I am also interested in this shop.

Tsunokawa: One of my friends who used to run an antique store there has moved to Switzerland with his family. He said, “I have a vacancy. So I started on the spur of the moment. Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the store, and I’m not sure if it’s open or not.

Takano: What kind of things do you sell?

Tsunokawa: We have products from Cary Mason, my outdoor brand, retort curry from 36 Chambers of Spice, and all kinds of spice kits from Space Spice. Then there is cutlery, tableware, and things like that.

Takano: Where in Koenji?

Tsunokawa: There is a temple called Koenji, diagonally across the street. It is about five minutes from the station.

Takano: Not only for curry lovers.

Tsunokawa: By all means. At first glance, most people don’t come here. People who come here without knowing anything about the restaurant will be confused. They wonder, “What kind of shop is this? I also run a vintage clothing store called “Kozaburo Saito Shoten” as a shop-in-shop, but it is a really confusing store.

Takano: There are a lot of things that are interesting to me.

Celeina: Now I would like to play a song. What song would you like to play on the radio at this time of the day?

Tsunokawa: It is “Oliver’s Army” by Elvis Costello. I have been listening to it since I was in junior high school. I like to listen to it when I need a little boost.

Takano: It sounds like Ethiopia.

Tsunokawa: Yes, it is (laughs). (laughs) When you get into it, you’re hooked.

Celeina: Let’s all get excited.

Takano: Thank you for bringing so much today.

Tsunokawa: We’re going to start with a T-shirt, like a first time set of Cary Mason’s. This is Red Hot Chili Powder, a parody of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Celeina: I see (laughs).

Tsunokawa: And the retort curry I make. There is also a spice pouch that can hold one retort curry.

Celeina: So you take your retort-pouch curry with you when you go out (laughs).

Tsunokawa: I heard that you are a sauna lover, so I was wondering if you would be interested in our sauna T-shirt, which was the first sauna T-shirt ever sold by Curry Mason.

Takano: Thank you very much. Everyone in the illustration is sweating. It’s cute, like a punk band T-shirt.

Tsunokawa: There are also stickers, key chains, pocket mirrors, and many other things.

Takano: Is it possible to buy these items at the store?

Tsunokawa: Of course you can.

Celeina: What are the opening hours of Wimsykal?

Tsunokawa: We are open from 1pm to 7pm, but we are closed irregularly.

Celeina: Is it closed today?

Tsunokawa: We will be open today because Kozaburo Saito is here. I will also be there at night.

Celeina: And you will be attending an event at Yokohama Red Brick this weekend.

Tsunokawa: I will be at “CURRY & MUSIC JAPAN 2023” selling T-shirts and my retort curry, so please stop by and say hello.

Celeina: You are introducing your friends to us through the “FIST BUMP” circle of friends connected by the “Goo Touch.

Tsunokawa: He is a curry jockey, CJ, who is also a member of the Curry Mason faction, and a hair stylist who also does rented curry.

Takano: So your name is Curry Jockey?

Tsunokawa: That’s right, CJ.

Takano: Isn’t that a little too much curry for you this week? (laughs)

Tsunokawa: He’s making curry while working as a hair stylist in various places all over the country.

Celeina: A hair stylist and a curry shop. Sounds interesting.

Takano: In a word?

Tsunokawa: New age in the curry industry, a heretic.

Celeina: Thank you very much. Tomorrow I will connect you to Curry Jockey, who is a sink hairdresser and a curry shop owner. Thank you very much, Kadokawa-san.

Tsunokawa: Thank you very much.


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