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Curry Mason Masahiro Tsunokawa shares his life-changing thoughts on curry.



I have a revelation that I am a curry mason.

Takano: Are you saying that you heard a heavenly voice when you were eating curry in Ethiopia?

Tsunokawa: I always liked urban legendary things. When I was at a flea market in Oimachi, the word “curry mason” suddenly came down to me. I said to a graphic designer I know, “The name “Cary Mason” just popped into my head, so make me a nice logo.

Takano: That’s amazing. I didn’t know that was possible.

Celeina: And a Cary Mason T-shirt.

Tsunokawa: It’s a parody of New York University, but it has a spoon in it.

Celeina: That’s the curry element.

Tsunokawa: I like designs that are not immediately recognizable as curry.

Takano: If you look closely, you can tell.

Celeina: Stylish.

Tsunokawa: No, no. It’s embarrassing to see curry (laughs).

Takano: I understand a little (laughs).

Celeina: So that word came down to you, and now you are doing a brand called “Curry Mason.

Tsunokawa: I was doing it out of self-satisfaction, but it spread by word of mouth, and I was invited to curry events.

Takano: So you have other activities in addition to apparel?

Tsunokawa: Yes, I do. I also make goods for curry shops. We are also making official goods for “Ethiopia.

Celeina: Wow, that’s amazing!

Tsunokawa: I also make T-shirts for curry shops that want to make T-shirts.

Celeina: With musicians, there are people who say, “If you ask that designer, you’re sure to get it done. This is the curry industry’s version of that.

Tsunokawa: I am the type of person who plays around in the curry industry.



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