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We want to save the earth with curry. Curry Jockey’s food loss prevention efforts



A circle of friends connected by gootouchi! The “FIST BUMP” corner of the radio program “GRAND MARQUEE” features people who live and enjoy Tokyo in a relay format.

On July 13, Masahiro Kadokawa, who is the owner of Wimjical in Koenji and also works with the “Curry Mason” brand apparel, was introduced as a hairdresser and sink Curry Jockey, a hair stylist and a flushing curry shop owner, appeared on the stage. We asked him about the reason why he started his business, and about his crowdfunding project, Curry Paste to Save the Earth.

Origin of CJ and Curry Jockey

Takano (MC): The T-shirt and cap are cute. Are they original?

Curry Jockey (CJ): They are original and all silk-screened.

Takano: The Curry Jockey logo.

Celeina (MC): It’s very nice.

CJ: Thank you very much.

Celeina: This week, we’ve been connected to curry since Tuesday. What kind of curry do you serve, Curry Jockey?

CJ: I serve a different curry for each event. I travel on business, so I make a curry that matches the concept of the event, or if it’s a regional event, I use local specialties or vegetables from that area.

Takano: It’s really like DJing. I try to match it to the floor and to the people.

CJ: That’s right.



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