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Founded in 2015 as an organization that produces stage productions, art, and videos.

Taking their own experiences and the voices of those around them who "want to talk about themselves" as their starting point, they depict the raw and diverse changing environment and possibilities, and then go on to "present" how reality has changed through their expression.

Through the repeated resonance and opposition with others generated by the continuous expression and presentation, the artist aims to find a new way of looking at and changing reality.

The origin of the name "Yumei" comes from "Yu-mei" (evening and brightness), "yu-mei" (from the darkening to the brightening of life), and "yu-mei" (what happens to us after death).
Is it "Yumei" because you want to be famous? The name "Yumei" is usually thought of as "Yumei" because it means "to be famous" or "Yumei" because it means "to be bright".




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