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Three-piece band consisting of Honoka Kudo (Vo&G), Haruto Anbe (Gt), and Yuto Taneichi (Key); formed the band "No title" in September 2016 in Aomori, Japan; won the overall grand prize at the "LINE Audition 2017" which started in July 2017, and debuted the following year in January 2018. On June 1, 2020, the band changed its name to "SWALLOW. On November 8 of the same year, they released their first new song "SWALLOW," which was selected as the theme song for the Winter Cup 2020 National High School Basketball Championships. In 2023, their first album "Greenhouse Raising" will be released digitally (March 26, prior to LINE MUSIC) and on CD (April 26)!




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