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#Lee Heemoon

Lee Heemoon

Born 1976 in Seoul, Korea. Singer of Gyeonggi folk songs. He is a graduate of the National Intangible Cultural Foundation's Gyeonggi Folk Song Course No. 57. Representative of Lee Himun Company. Her mother is Koh Juran, a folk singer mother. Became a student of Lee Chun-hee and became a folk singer. As an inheritor of traditional music (Gugak) and a pioneer in the Korean music world, she continues to express herself in her original style by fusing various musical genres with folk music motifs, and has participated in OSTs for the drama "My Dear Mister" starring IU and the movie "Chansil-san Has Many Lucky Men. She has received numerous awards, including the Folk Song Award at the KBS Gugak Grand Prix (2014) and the "Young Artist of the Moment Award" at the Cultural Arts Development Merit Awards (2015).




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