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#Japan Tour

Japan Tour



NEWS #MUSIC 2023.10.26

JP THE WAVY and Korean Rapper Sik-K to tour Tokyo and Osaka

NiEW 2023.9.14|18:30
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.11.3

FESTIVAL de FRUE 2023 adds 12 more acts and reveals the daily schedules

NiEW 2023.9.14|15:13
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.12.8

New music festival X-CON to showcase tofubeats, De La Soul, Hypnosis Mike and more

NiEW 2023.9.14|12:56
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.10.13

Aminé announces exclusive Tokyo show “High End” in October, featuring JJJ, DJ KEKKE and KM

NiEW 2023.9.13|14:29
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.10.8

Legendary event “DENPA!!!! /DENPA” is back as “DOME’23”. Bogdan Lachinsky, Grisha Lichtenberger, and Howie Lee will visit Japan.

NiEW 2023.9.8|18:20

Harry Teardrop announces extra show with SATOH, OKAMOTO Reiji at CIRCUS Tokyo

NiEW 2023.9.8|18:19
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.2.13

Kula Shaker announces Japan tour with the original members in February 2024

NiEW 2023.9.8|10:29
NEWS #MUSIC 2024.2.12

Meshell Ndegeocello to perform at Billboard Live in Tokyo and Osaka in February 2024

NiEW 2023.9.8|10:24
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.9.27

Indonesian indie-pop band White Shoes & The Couples Company on their first Japan tour

NiEW 2023.9.7|15:22
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.9.2

New York-based hyperpop artist gabby start’s Japan debut with Peterparker69 and PAS TASTA

NiEW 2023.8.22|17:28
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.9.3

FLAG 2023 unveiled the full lineup including Age Factory, No Buses and New York’s Harry Teardrop and more

NiEW 2023.8.22|13:12
NEWS #MUSIC 2023.10.19

Hakushi Hasegawa to join Kassa Overall’s Tokyo show on October 19

NiEW 2023.8.22|12:40



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