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Where you can find Good Music in Japan

Araiyakushi’s jazz kissa rompercicci guides you to the fascination of inexpensive vinyls



For the second time in the article series “Where you can find good music in Japan,” music critic Mitsutaka Nagira nurses a cup of coffee at Araiyakushi’s local jazz kissa (cafes) rompercicci, located further north of Nakano Broadway.

For almost a decade, rompercicci has been one of his go-to jazz kissa since its opening. This ordinary “no-talking” jazz kissa might not harmonize well with Nagira, a music journalist at the forefront of the jazz music scene, but what has drawn him for more than ten years?

Quality time with music from speakers

To begin with, I often go to places where music is playing. I like to be in places where music is carefully selected and played, and I like the kind of mood that can only be found in a space created by people who love music. When I go to such places, I spend time alone with a book or with a friend who I can be with in a few words. It is a special time for me.

Of course, I have my preferences, and there are places where the music suits me and there are places where it doesn’t, but there are a few places that are “amazing” beyond what I like or dislike. There have been times when I went there not to work, but just to relax and have a cup of coffee, but the music selection (or disc selection) was so great that I was inspired to work.

The first of such “amazing stores” is rompercicci in Araiyakushi, located further north past Nakano Broadway.

In recent years, the Araiyakushi area has been bustling with new restaurants run by the younger generation. Rompercich is the oldest among them, having been established in 2011.
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