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Eiji Sugiura, whose real name is Eiji Sugiura, started his career in 1992 as a singer in the indie band Electric Glass Balloon, and after Electric Glass Balloon disbanded in 1998, he has been active as a DJ and solo artist under the name SUGIURUMN. He has released 9 albums, produced numerous singles and remixes, and played DJ booths around the world including Pacha in Ibiza and Sankys in Manchester, etc. In 2019, he will start his band again as THE ALEXX, bridging dance and rock styles. They have jumped onto the big stage with a style that bridges dance and rock.

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Floor Essence 〜dance・club・party〜

This series will follow up on topics and news about dance music, the club scene, and party culture, and follow the rebirth of the Tokyo scene or the birth of a new party scene by the younger generation. No one can stop you from enjoying music, and you are free to enjoy it however you want. We hope that music fans will regain the enjoyment of partying.




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