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ROTH BART BARON is a Japanese indie rock band led by singer-songwriter Masaya Mifune, and since 2023, the band has had two creative bases: Berlin, Germany and Tokyo, Japan.
The band has performed at festivals abroad, including Big Mountain (Thailand) and PLAYTIME FESTIVAL (Mongolia), and has appeared at many music festivals in Japan, including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL for the second time in 2023.
In recent years, in addition to album tours, they have organized "BEAR NIGHT," a solo event in which they perform with a special band once a year, and the fourth event in the series was held at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall. The event was a great success.
In 2020, the lead song "Kyokusai|IGL(S)" from their 5th AL "Kyokusai-iro no Shukusai" was selected as the best song of the year by music producer Yoshinori Tsutaya in the TV Asahi program "Kanjam∞ Perfect Burning Show". 2021 will see the release of "BLUE" by A_o, a duo with Aina the End, which was inspired by a Pocari Sweat commercial. In 2022, he composed the music and theme song for the film "My Small Land," which won the Amnesty International Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.
In 2023, they will perform their latest work "HOWL" at Showa Women's University's Hitomi Memorial Auditorium in Tokyo for the final leg of their tour, and will release their 8th original album "8" this fall, their 6th consecutive album. This fall, they will release their 8th original album "8", their 8th album in 6 consecutive years, and hold a 13-show national tour, including the "Glass Pyramid" at Sapporo Moerenuma Park in Hokkaido.

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