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Is ‘Oppenheimer’ an Anti-nuclear Film? Nolan’s Vision of a Broken World



© Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.
© Universal Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

In recent years, there may have been no other film that sparked as much controversy and praise as “Oppenheimer.”

This film brought director Christopher Nolan the honor of his first Academy Award for Best Picture. However, on the flip side, there are criticisms that are difficult to evade in line with contemporary values. While some of these criticisms are mentioned here, it’s true that this film may not necessarily be politically correct. But what exactly was Christopher Nolan trying to depict to the world as a filmmaker? This is what writer and manga scholar Hiroshi Odagiri discusses.

*This article contains descriptions related to the content of the film.

Synopsis: The Manhattan Project, a top-secret project launched in the United States during World War II. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who participated in the project, leads a group of brilliant scientists to successfully develop the world’s first atomic bomb. However, when the atomic bomb was dropped in battle, Oppenheimer heard of the devastation and became deeply distressed. Oppenheimer was caught up in the waves of the Cold War, the Red Hunt, and other turbulent times.



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