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Betsuyaku Rei talks about the Swallows. She also talks about the unexpected birth of the cheering toy “Umbrella”.



The Yakult Swallows are “childhood friends”

Celeina:I asked you to listen to “Everyday” by JITTERIN’JINN, selected by illustrator Betsuyaku Rei. Bessyaku-san, you are active as an illustrator. Do you participate in “Comic Market” as well?

Betsuyaku: Yes, I do.

Takano: Do you get to meet many of your fans?

Betsuyaku: Yes, I do. However, the items that I put out at “Comiket” were not my illustrations, but rather fanzines of TV shows that I like, so many fans of those shows came to see my work. It’s not easy to talk about that kind of thing in other places.

Takano: It’s something that can only happen at Comiket.

Celeina: It’s like we shared our love with everyone.

Takano:You don’t participate every time?

Betsuyaku: Recently, due to the Corona disaster, it has been a bit irregular, so there were times when I didn’t go or didn’t participate, but I have been participating rather consistently since 2007 or 2008.

Takano: It’s like a familiar summer event.

Betsuyaku: Yes, it is.

Celeina: What do you think is interesting about “Comiket”?

Betsuyaku: I think it’s interesting that even if you make something very small, people who like it can come and talk with you.

Celeina: I see.

Takano: I imagine it’s like a huge off-line meeting. For example, do you often meet your Twitter followers there in real life?

Betsuyaku: Yes, that kind of thing does happen. Some people come to us saying, “I saw you on Twitter”.

Takano: Communication is fun, isn’t it?

Celeina: We actually featured “Comiket” in our program.

Betsuyaku: I see.

Celeina: We did a bit of a study of Comiket, to see what kind of place it is.

Betsuyaku: My area is in the “critique” genre, but it is a place where genres that don’t fit anywhere else are gathered, so it may be a bit of a special zone within the so-called “Comiket”. It is a bit outside of anime and manga. So, even if you are not an otaku, I think you will have a good time here.

Takano: I see. If there are any listeners who visited Betsuyaku’s booth, please send me a message. And you update your article on Daily Portal Z every Thursday.

Betsuyaku: We are updating today.

Takano: What kind of material do you have for us today?

Betsuyaku: Today, I watch TV Saitama at home, and many of the commercials on TV Saitama are for very local companies, and they are very interesting. Surprisingly, those products are not available in Tokyo, so we are going to make a trip to see them in person.

Takano: That sounds great!

Betsuyaku: Go to Saitama.

Takano: That’s it, “Yum, too good!

Betsuyaku: That’s right, that’s right.

Takano: I see those commercials at my parents’ house too.I will check it out later. Please check out his articles on Daily Portal Z, which is updated every Thursday. And finally, I would like to ask you what the Yakult Swallows means to you.

Betsuyaku: I was asked to think about this earlier, and I haven’t come up with a good answer, but I guess it’s like childhood friends.

Takano: That sounds good.

Celeina: Nice.

Takano: Together all the time.

Betsuyaku: They’ve been together all my lives.

Celeina: FISTBUMP, this week we welcome illustrator Betsuyaku Rei to our circle of friends connected by Yakult Swallows fans. Thank you very much.


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