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Betsuyaku Rei talks about the Swallows. She also talks about the unexpected birth of the cheering toy “Umbrella”.



The story behind the birth of the cheering goods “umbrellas”

Takano: You have been visiting Jingu Stadium since I was little. Were there umbrellas and such back then?

Betsuyaku: There were none when I was in elementary school. When I was in high school, there was a famous Yakult cheer leader named Okada, who was always in the center of the outfield light stand cheering for the team. At that time, there were very few Yakult Swallows fans. So, the leader of the cheering squad, Mr. Okada, wanted to make it look as if there were more people in the stands, so he brought plastic umbrellas from home and opened them when a point was scored. That way, it would be bigger than one person.

Takano: I see.

Betsuyaku: We wanted to make it look like there were a lot of people, so we asked people coming to the outfield to bring plastic umbrellas from home. That’s how it happened, and the number of people with plastic umbrellas began to increase. So at first, it was just a normal umbrella for rain. The seats were so empty that it was no problem to open them. However, as the number of fans gradually increased, and even though there were fewer people, if the umbrellas were opened, it would be difficult to see the game at all.

Takano: I didn’t realize there was such a history.

Celeina: I’m glad to hear the story behind its birth.

Takano: Isn’t it just like adding bulk?

Betsuyaku: Yes, it’s a bulking up.

Celeina: Takano-san, you’re good. Are there any players you are interested in these days, Mr. Bessyaku?

Betsuyaku: I’m really interested in Souma Uchiyama, but when I looked at his Twitter page earlier, I saw that he was cancelled due to illness, and he can come back within 10 days as long as his health returns. I just saw on Twitter that I had just been cancelled. I thought, “Oh”.

Takano: I hope you feel better soon. I hope you feel better soon.

Betsuyaku: I hope he comes back.

Celeina: I’d like to play a song for you here. What song would you like to listen to together on the radio at this time?

Betsuyaku: Yes, it’s called “Everyday” by JITTERIN’JINN. “Summer Festival,” which I’m sure everyone here is familiar with, so I’m going to twist it a bit.

Celeina: Let’s all listen to it then.



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