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When did we fall in love with money?



I am much freer if you don’t weigh a lot in my life

However, it did not work out that way immediately, and money has been trusted slowly over time. The exhibition provided visitors with a glimpse into this history.

One of the most surprising things was that no official money was created in Japan for 600 years after the issuance of copper coins was discontinued in the middle of the Heian period! They used coins that came from China or were minted privately instead. For quite a long time, there was no official government money. For quite a long time, there was no official national money, and only unofficial money was exchanged.

Or maybe they used rice or something else as a common value instead of money. Sounds fun. It sounds like a hassle, but I thought it was kind of fun. Probably because I feel that money is too powerful in today’s world. If I could live in a world without your shadow, maybe I would be freer.

It seems that the reason money was not created for 600 years is that no government had the power, credit, and technology to issue money. The reason we are able to enjoy a honeymoon with money now is because our society has matured and the system of a country is stable. Conversely, when we have to part with money, it may be when the country collapses.

Even if you want to say goodbye to money, it is useless to say, “I hate it! It is useless to say, “I hate you already! The only way is to destroy this society and country. That is indeed a hassle. You are really annoying, but we just have to get along with you. I’m going to make an effort.

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